Aug 282019

In today’s news we have seen that Boris Johnson is suspending Parliament in order to force through a No-Deal Brexit.

Whether you are Leaver or Remainer, the suspension of parliamentary democracy on order to force through measures that would likely be halted by Parliament is a serious challenge to the democratic processes of this country.

When governments start pushing aside the people’s elected representatives in order to force through unpopular measures, it could be the beginning of a slide towards fascism, and we believe that this threat transcends all other issues.

There are a number of protests being organised today, with possibly more to come.

The ones that we know about so fare are:

  • August 31st at 12 noon: Stop The Coup Protest, 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AT (See the Facebook Event Page)
  • September 3rd at 6pm: Protest being organised
  • October 12th from 1 pm: Protest in Parliament Square
  • October 19th March organised by People’s Vote

DPAC will be joining the protest in Parliament Square on October 12th from 1pm onwards. If you would like to join the DPAC Bloc for this protest, or want to contact us about joining us in the other protests email us on

You can keep up to date with other protest news on this or other issues on the DPAC blog


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