Aug 282019

We have had a number of people contacting us recently saying that they have asked their doctor to write a letter stating that they need a home visit for a benefit assessment and the doctor has refused.

Others have told us that their GP has refused to issue them a Fit Note

We are very concerned about this, and we want to make representations to the Royal College of GP s and other medical professional bodies about it.

But to do that we need evidence of how widespread a problem this is for claimants. So we need your help. If a doctor has refused to write a letter for you, or refused to issue you a Fit Note, or has even complained about having to do it, could you please let us know by emailing


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  2 Responses to “Has your doctor refused to write a letter asking for a benefits assessment home visit, refused a Fit Note, or other benefits related issue?”

  1. A GP who had never met me returned a ‘factual report’ to say that I had ‘no known MH conditions’ without first contacting me. If they had, they’d have discovered I’ve been under exclusive hospital psych care for 18 years & that I had not only told the DWP this but had sent them a full report from my psychotherapist of 16 years. They ‘preferred’ her report and I nearby lost everything. Doctors MUST contact patients BEFORE they speak or send reports to the DWP.

  2. I haven’t ever needed much. My doctors (of which i’ve had a lot) never refused. but charged anywhere from £10 to £25. this to me is the nearly the same as a refusal. as ost of the time it was because i was fighting a cut and could not afford the fee.

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