May 102019
On Monday the 13th of May, Centrica will be hosting their Annual General Meeting.

Join Fuel Poverty Action to put the spotlight on Centrica, a multinational company that owns British Gas – whose investments provide the financial lifeline that allows Cuadrilla to continue its attempts to frack the Lancashire countryside, while driving up fuel prices and pushing people into fuel poverty.


Heating our homes shouldn’t cost the earth. Centrica, who own British Gas – have pumped over £100 million into the fracking industry over the past few years, investing in a dangerous energy source that the British public do not want.

At the same time, their subsidiary British Gas upped the price of their standard variable tariff AGAIN this year – up by £119. At a time when thousands of people die each year from cold homes and an inability to heat their homes, when the urgency of moving away from fossil fuels could not be clearer, when renewables are cheaper than ever before… our demand to Centrica & British Gas is simple – Don’t Frack with our Cash.


Centrica are a multinational company that are most known to UK residents for their subsidiary – British Gas. But they also invest a large amount of money into Cuadrilla – the only company with an active fracking operation in the UK.

Last year, while British Gas upped their prices by 5.5%, Centrica pumped nearly $16m into Cuadrilla in the desperate hope to keep a flailing fracking industry afloat.

When huge corporations like Centrica fund fracking, they’re not just content with fuelling climate breakdown, they’re backing a fuel source that keeps energy bills high and means more people go cold or don’t eat.

This is demonstrated by the continued price hikes seen by British Gas customers over the past few years. On 1st April this year, the standard tariff rose again by £119, no small amount for the 3 million customers of British Gas, and a move that will do nothing to help the 2.5 million people in Britain living in fuel poverty.

Join us on the 13th May from 11:30 AM to oppose climate breakdown and fuel poverty, and to create a space where we can build a movement to meet the growing demand for democratic community-owned renewable energy.

More info and signup at the Facebook Event Page

Cold homes, fuel poverty, climate change, millions of homes in debt to their energy supplier, huge profits for the Big Six… the energy system isn’t working.
Another energy system is possible! Get behind the Fuel Poverty Action Energy Bill of Rights


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