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Our Massive Tory Cuts Kill Banner

Our Massive Tory Cuts Kill Banner

On Wednesday 3rd of October about 40 activists from many parts of the country including Brighton, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Berkshire, London, Manchester, Norfolk, Northampton, Preston Stafford, Suffolk, Warwickshire, Wolverhampton, Castle Bromwich and even Birmingham descended on Birmingham to protest at the Tory Party Conference and bring attention to the continuous attacks we have faced for the last 8 years.

Our thanks to all of them for giving up their time and energy to come and join us.

It was also DPAC’s 8th birthday as we were formed in October 2010 in response to the Tory’s austerity proposals so time too to celebrate doing what we do best.

DPAC Protesters moving en masse

DPAC Protesters moving en masse

Many thanks as well to Green Black Cross who provided us with a legal observer and also to West Midlands police for facilitating our protest even though they must have been pretty knackered given the number of protests they’ve had to facilitate this week.

We started off right next to the Conference Venue in an area together with women from WASPI, 2-3 UKIP supporters, and some pro-Remain supporters. Whether or not to protest here was discussed fully the day before with numerous activists since it would have been easy for the police to kettle us. However the unanimous decision was to go ahead with this protest location.

DPAC Protesters blocking Birmingham's tram routes

DPAC Protesters blocking Birmingham’s tram routes

Then we split into groups to pursue different options with some people remaining outside the centre and others going off into central Brum to hold up the tram and hand out leaflets to passers by.

Here is a news report of the protest https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/tory-cuts-kill-yell-disabled-activists-as-theresa-may-prances-on-stage


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