Jan 252018

The Labour MP Laura Pidcock has secured a Westminster Hall debate on Personal Independence Payments (PIP) next Wednesday (31 January). As debate is focusing on claimant experience, you can share your experiences of the PIP processs on the Twitter thread of Laura Pidcock at  or email her : laura.pidcock.mp@parliament.uk

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  3 Responses to “Please tweet or send Laura Pidcock your experiences of the PIP process”

  1. One word dreadfull- make that two: humiliating.
    We the disabled need a hand up not a handout, with dignity the key word.

  2. Dear Laura,

    Tory policy is about ignoring the disabled until they kill themselves. Living with traumatic brain injury is a challenge made much harder by a “government” that would prefer it if I didn’t exist. Only thanks to the support of friends and family am I alive. Many people give up and do kill themselves, with DWP assessors even asking “why haven’t you killed yourself yet” we obviously don’t have a government worthy of the name. The problem with the May regime is that it puts people off paying tax and degrades our society and public services. Our Great nation, the UK, fought two world wars to win the NHS and social care, benefits and civilisation. The UK now has been degraded to what like would have been like had Hitler won the war; people are valued only by the size of their wallets and corruption is endemic. It is an insult to those who served in two world wars that the UK has been so degraded by Theresa May. This awfully rotten regime must be changed. Everyone will benefit from a Labour Government so Jeremy Corbyn can restore Great British civilisation. Thank you so much for standing up to represent disabled people.
    With best wishes, Paul Bright

  3. Will it make any difference people having been killing there selfs and dieing for years and the stigma is massive because of the torys or will it be a cover up every one nose its happening all I hear is lip service and anyone can end up disabled

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