Feb 252018
The Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy has organised a demo at the New Savoy conference again this year. It’s an early start at South Kensington.

Wednesday 21st March 2018 from 8.15am!

Millennium Conference Centre!

4-18 Harrington Gardens!

South Kensington, London, SW7 4LH


The New Savoy Conference is the annual gathering of professional and

charity bodies providing psychological therapies (IAPT) in NHS primary


IAPT is an assembly-line service providing short-term therapies to over

a million people every year. Despite the commitment of its frontline

therapists and psychologists, IAPT is failing the mental health needs of

communities all over England, while working with government policies

that themselves generate psychological distress and social alienation.

Come and join therapists, mental health activists, psychologists and

welfare campaigners. Meet at the Harrington Gardens entrance of the

Millenium Conference Centre (Gloucester Road tube) from 8.15am to

greet conference goers.


Contact info@allianceforcandp.org for more information.

Some context:
• The hierarchy of IAPT and psychological services in the NHS who gather at these conferences continue to offer liberal mouthings about DWP welfare reform policies, WCA and PIP, sanctions, coercion around Work and Health. But they’ve actually taken no real action to boycott DWP/Health collaboration, despite all the developments re judicial reviews, UN condemnations, the recent Parl Committee report, and the UC debacle.
In his intro to the conference, in the programme link above, Jeremy Clarke (NS chair) says:
“The second issue is the running sore of welfare benefit reform, and its negative impact on mental health, that undermines whatever benefit we make to population wellbeing. Have we reached a consensus now for how we can turn the tide? The BBC’s Mark Easton will find out”
• The overall theme is depression; there are sessions on the crisis in the IAPT workforce, latest staff survey, impact of targets; session on Work and Health Unit; Wessely’s review of human rights and compulsory treatment; session on Employee Assistant Programmes (often run by people like Maximus); familiar faces in the list of speakers
•The scam of IAPT as a service in local communities. It has a massive evidence base, tons of statistics for every CCG in England including “recovery” rates; ethnicity stats; deprivation stats; etc etc No-one really analyses the figures. For IAPT it seems just collecting the stats is their claim to being evidence based and therefore their claim for funding from the Government. In fact, their stats reveal a shockingly failing provision.
For example, ot of 1,350,000 referrals a year 85% either never enter any kind of therapy, or never finish a course of treatment, or don’t “move to recovery” (as IAPT jargon has it). In my CCG (Tower Hamlets) only 6.6% of referrals to IAPT “recovered” and among the Bangladeshi community who make up over 30% on TH population only 3% “recovered”. Farmer’s Taskforce target for % of population who “need IAPT therapy” is 15%, rising to 25% by 2021. In TH about 2% of the pop were referred/referred themselves to IAPT, of whom as I say 6.6% “recovered”.
IAPT will be a major part of the propaganda around the NHS reorganisation now in progress, via the STPs and the ACOs they are developing . STP management have “the mental health crisis” high on their agenda – certainly their PR agenda – and selling more provision for IAPT services will be a major plank of the campaign. See Hunt on this role for IAPT here.
IAPT is rarely taken to task as a service that is massively failing communities all over England. This is true in the Labour Party as much as any where ekse. This has to stop. It is a propaganda service for neoliberal capitalism and its dissemination of psychological scapegoating and coercion across society


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  2 Responses to “protest against IAPT therapies – March 21st 8.15am onwards”

  1. Hi Linda, My feelings as a attempting service user is that this is a governmental attempt to reduce and discredited mental health for the sake of employment. The DWP use Atos and another provider who are target based to move vulnerable clients into work once they take on the client they agree to a time scale to obtain movement meaning work/investigation or to be removed for non appliance of the conditions. Unfair penalties for lateness and non appliance means the unemployed will be reduced to £30pw benefit and over time will be removed from the benefit completely. As a carer to a child with serious long term MH issues together with my own. I have experience an alarming change of attitude as a former patient governor of a local MH trust I attended and was in favour of the New Horizons project, It,s purpose to put MH on an equal par with Genaral health care and equal rights in obtaining employment meaning potential employees should not discriminate against dissability but make adjustments to employ if required. The government is abusing this, It doesnt want vulnerable or MH status and works to discredit gps and MH prof/specialists as a means to remove mental health from the benefit system all together, they see your advice support, diagnosis need for long term care as a hurdle to their own aims and objectives. We need to collectively stand together on this public,service users and profesionals. please look at support groups in the arears i have mentioned to understand how people are being treated and the detriment it causes to their health. Another point i would like to mention is that when i myself tried to use IAPT it took 6 months for an assesment another 2 months for an appointment. I was 5 mins later than the 15 minute late policy due to no error of my own, so taken off the books. I had to get the support from my MP appeal to the trust for another appointment a month later i got a appointment for 4wks time due to my symptoms of the condition i need help for i was up all night with anxiety fell asleep in the morning arrived 30 mins late to my horror, told i would be given another appointment without being taken off the books again but after numorous calls the the pschiatrist secretary have had no response. The system fails those who needs it most and is content in keeping us invisible.

  2. I would like to see a breakdown of which NHS trusts have diverted funding towards IAPT at the cost of other longer term services for severe and enduring mental illness. My trust has been trying to close the last of its’ long term (greater than 20 weeks) psychological services for nearly 3 years now. Their justification being that because patients (or service users as they would have it) are under its’ care for many years, that it’s not providing ‘value for money’. Never mind that when people leave the service, they are all far more ‘recovered’ than they were, that it has universal praise from all the people under its’ care and that the service they deem unnecessary has never lost a patient to suicide in over 20 years. Apparently for the managers in charge of the budget, treating more (mentally healthier) people for less money in less time is justification for refusing to provide services for people with greater need. They even had the audacity to suggest that our professional psychotherapists can be adequately replaced with the occasional community based craft class and greater ‘self-care’. We have been successfully fighting them via threats of legal action in the face of their refusal to engage with a proper review and impact assessment of losing the service, but to be honest our days are probably numbered.

    It makes us feel totally expendable. So much for parity of care.

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