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for anyone who can’t get to a protest please email your MP fromThursday March 1st onwards. A template letter is below. Even if you can get to a protest you may also want to email your MP.


Dear MP name,

Universal Credit is the punishing regime due to be more widely imposed on people with low incomes both those in and out of work.

UC has too many flaws to be simply paused and fixed – it must be stopped and scrapped.

Universal Credit is an economic and political disaster bringing further distress and impoverishment to those forced to endure it.  To date at least £15.8 billion has been wasted on its implementation although only £1 billion is likely to be saved by 2020.

Seven million households will be affected, including over one million low paid part-time workers. For the first time ever people in work could face being sanctioned (having their benefits stopped) if they don’t prove to the job centre that they’re searching for better paid work or more hours. Pensioner couples will also be affected if one of them is under pension age.

No civilized Government should impose this on its citizens and no opposition party should want to simply pause and fix it.

Areas already subjected to UC have reported serious hardship with visits to food banks soaring along with rates of people sanctioned and left without any income for 3 months or more.

Just some of the many problems with UC are listed below.

General Problems

  • UC is based entirely on conditionality for those both in and out of work. Failure to meet these conditions can lead to the imposition of cumulative sanctions which could last 3 years.
  • Everyone will have to accept the Claimant Commitment and log in daily to Universal Job match account and complete your to do list and journal. There is harsh conditionality within Universal Credit such as 35 hour per week job searches.
  • Even with the changes brought in at the end of last year claimants face a 5 week wait which in many cases seems to be 3 months or longer for their first payment.
  • Loss of Mortgage interest payments which will now mean people have to take out a second loan if they are buying a home.
  • Hardship Loans are repayable meaning the full amount of money someone is entitled to isn’t paid for months as 40% of their entitlement can be taken away to repay a loan.
  • With UC, housing benefit isn’t paid straight to the landlord but to the claimant who may be in need of money to use in an emergency. In pilot areas this has resulted in up to 60% of claimants going into rent arrears.
  • Letting agents are already refusing to rent to anyone claiming UC.


For Disabled People

  • UC is claimed and managed entirely digitally which is difficult or impossible for many disabled people. Any mistakes on the form will likely lead to loss of benefit or a claim being disallowed.
  • Health and Work conversations are mandatory and any failure to attend will lead to your claim being closed.
  • People in part time work could be forced to give up work that suits their Disability or family life in order to take up worse paid full time work or risk sanctions,.
  • UC brings in the loss of Severe and Enhanced Disability Premiums which mean single disabled people lose around £2,000 per annum and a disabled couple over £4,000 per annum.

Coercion of Mental Health claimants.

  • As part of the Health and Work Programme we are seeing the use of the DWP nudge unit and psycho compulsion. This effectively means the introduction of forced treatment through the use of IAPT therapists based in job centres. If claimants don’t take the treatment prescribed they face being sanctioned.

Loss of Womens’ Rights

  • Changes to benefit payments will make women financially dependent on men trapping many in endless domestic violence.
  • The appalling Tax Credit ‘rape clause’ means that women can only get Child Tax Credit payments for their first two children unless they can prove they were raped. This involves filling out a detailed 45 page form about being raped..

For those in work, self-employed or on zero hours contracts

  • Even those in work will be expected to look for more hours up to 48 hours a week so you are not reliant on state support or face Sanctions for failing to comply. Warning- if your earnings exceed qualifying levels in a month they can close your claim and your online history will be erased when they close your claim down without warning. Make copies of all your actions to copy into your Journal or To Do List so you have evidenced back up files. To get this reinstated can take 8 months without money.
  • Going on Holiday? Think Again- If you fail to do your job match account even over Christmas and other bank holidays you will have your money stopped and you must always be available for interviews.
  • For every £1 earned Universal Credit takes away 63p meaning people are working for 37p for every pound earned per hour.
  • Self employed people will have to submit their monthly, instead of annual, income before any UC payment, including for housing costs, will be made for that month causing untold chaos and hardship. If they earn too much in any month their claim will be closed and they’ll have to start all over again.

As your constituent I am asking you to support scrapping Universal Credit.


Yours sincerely,




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  8 Responses to “Letter to send to MPs about Universal Credit”

  1. My husband was made redundant after several years working for the same company..he was entitled to job seekers for 6 month then had to claim UC..I work 40 ,hours a week on minimum wage..I had to put in a joint claim with him and now his total benefit every month is a big fat bloody £0..how can this be???. We are in rented accommodation..I travel over 100 miles a week to work and back so need a car (20 year old)
    We live 8 ,mile from a JC. What are we supposed to do.. if I leave him and move in with my daughter (next door) he will get around 600 per month..doesn’t make sense to me.?

  2. I had no choice but to switch to u/c from child tax credits just had a statement from u/c and yes they paid my rent in full but that is all I have nothing for child element etc where with tax credits I was payed towards my child weekly I’ve waited 5 weeks without any money and still not got any money how does it work on the child element part.

  3. inhumane my assessor lied about my whole assessment and had no idea about my condition now dwp trying to bully me saying i cannot claim for a condition a unqualified person assessed me on .A surgeon spends years learning his trade just for it to be dismissed by a nobody the dwp is shameless and is there no health & safety at work under the dwp maybe im wrong but i believed that a goverment is suppose to have the best interest of its citizens not try pushing them to depression or suicide disgusting lot

  4. It’s a violation of human rights.

    name and address supplied

  6. I foresee a lot more dwp and poverty related suicides

  7. There are far more reasons why UC is a disaster:

    For self-employed people there is a Minimum Income Floor (IMF) that kicks in after a year (no reasonable adjustment on this for disabled people) which is set at the number of hours the Work Coach (WC) decides you can work multiplied by the minimum wage, multiplied by 52 and then divided by 12. It is assumed that you earn at least this every month – no holidays or sickness allowed. Obviously if you earn more you are subjected to the 63p in every pound clawback, so you can’t build up funds for business costs or time off.

    There is also the savings limit for the UC equivalent of Working Tax Credits (WTC). Under WTC, it didn’t matter what savings you had, so injury compensation or tribunal payouts or savings from jobs before you became disabled didn’t affect what you were paid in WTC. The savings limit now is the same for all means tested benefits, which means that money you are keeping for adaptations you need or new wheelchairs. Vehicles etc, will cut your ability to get financial support. If then decide to buy those things that you need for your disability then you may be deemed to be purposefully disposing of capital to gain benefits and be refused the benefits anyway.

    Currently, PIP and contributions based ESA are outside UC, but there are no guarantees that will continue to be the case.

    The DWP will not tell anybody what training is given to WCs to deal with disabled people. The DWP managers who came to our Disability Advisory Group meeting at ERYC couldn’t answer questions about how people unable to cope with technology could access the system. There are few adjustments in place for people with sensory impairments or people with cognitive impairments. When asked about how they would ensure Learning Disabled people understood what they were committing to, they said that WCs were getting training in Mental Health problems- they had no understanding of the difference between MH conditions and LDs. There are NO EASY READ versions of anything for people with LDs.

    The whole system is stacked against disabled people, especially those with cognitive disabilities.. the SE rules will make it next to impossible for disabled people to set up their own business- often the only way that disabled people could manage to work, in a society where employers bully us out of jobs or sack us when we become disabled, never mind give us a job. This will further widen the disability employment gap, rather than shrink it.

  8. This cruel sadistic and corrupt government has a lot to answer for.

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