Feb 142018

No More Deaths on our Streets supported by DPAC



March 3rd 3-6 pm

We will gather outside Downing Street to say enough is enough..

Lets get together & organise how we can prevent any further needless deaths.

Today another rough sleeper died on the cold London streets just yards from Parliament.

Please bring along sleeping bags & other essential supplies that will keep people alive & we will also distribute these that day to those that may need them across London.

Bring noise, banners, smiles, anger & your friends.

This is a simple call out that needs more supporters asap so please add your group if you are part of one.

We MUST work together to stop this shit.




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  5 Responses to “March 3rd Downing Street 3-6pm NO More Deaths on our Streets protest”

  1. Stuart Black – unfortunately I may have to cancel my support tomorrow. There are several reasons. Firstly, my own combination of disabilities. Worn cartliage/osteoarthritis, two toes amputated on right foot, allergies/allergic asthma, predicted thyroid under levels the NHS use before substitute thyroxine treatment, blepharitis, repeating viral symptoms. As well, I have a mental health problem where people talking at me, strangers results in myself experiencing auditory hallucinations. This includes racist language that has been prevalent and similar regarding mental health and presumed sexuality. I have been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic since 1987 yet only began experiencing auditory hallucinations of this kind in 1998 when strangers intimidated me stating ‘star.’ Verbal abuse has been prevalent that has been worse in Brighton since I exchanged this flat in September 2013. I in fact put in a complaint to Sussex NHS Foundation trust yesterday concerning a failure following an assault on April 20th 2015 in which I was initially intimidated by neighbours in the adjacent block concerning my mental health and when I went for a quiet walk to the seafront marina to break from the situation intending to return home to take a bath. I was intimidated again concerning my mental health and then when questioning the group of four young white people one assaulted me. I was punched in the head and kicked in the head when on the pavement followed and given the same maltreatment. A failure of care by both Brighton and Sussex Police and The Sussex NHS Foundation resulted. The police despite myself describing the witnesses, the verbal intimidation and the fact that the attack was close to my home failed to give me any sort of crime reference. Even after stating I needed a crime reference for housing. I had attended The Royal Sussex Hospital by ambulance yet walked out due to racist comments from other patients and tiredness. I went back two days later and was placed on urgent care after refusing to see a psychiatrist. The urgent care team only dealt with psychiatric medication. I was later put under crisis resolution home treatment team. I was reported missing to the police and found this out when I called up my Community Mental Health Nurse in a conversation that included the fact on a visit to my current home I had been asked if I had phoned up the mental health service to request to be committed. I replied ‘No’ and understood someone may have called up the service as a joke to get myself sectioned. I have been clear that I want to exchange my social housing flat to return to London both with my former community mental health nurse and the home treatment team who failed to establish a plan with me to enable me to cope with both staying in my current home and exchanging to an OK flat in London. This was despite the visit of a social worker. I will try my best to make the journey I am also dealing with a ludicrous Pip appeal. There were changes in the mental health service that have effected me negatively with day centre sell offs in both Haringey and Brighton, personal budgets introduced with most councils having no money to issue them and a recovery service or more accurately a change of label of the service with one or two new services amongst an ice pick of cuts. I will make providing the trains are running. The combination of verbal intimidation and repair problems has almost led to myself becoming homeless from this flat.

  2. I will go from Brighton. The snow, wind and rain nor the tears of pain that I feel cannot shield me from the grit reality of making a safer path of life for myself and others. If I can bring some recorded music along through my smartphone and Portable Amp to keep us happy and a microphone for a louder platform I will do this.

  3. I will go. Out of respect for Debbie Jollie and all of you at DPAC to thank you that you are still fighting the good fight, just like Martin Luther did. If there were more people like the good folk at DPAC the country would be a better place and people wouldn’t be suffering heartache and despair.

  4. Best to go when the royal wedding is on no one is better than anyone else. Do not forget the banners for all for the disabled who have died and committed suicide through medical assments and them pestering the disabled to DETH . torys atos capita. .what is a disgrace is piminister may says she’s Christian and her father wes priest of the Christian Church. Given them what they deserve HELL

    • The PM says she’s a Christian? Well Jesus said we would “know them by their fruits”. Christ helped the sick and disabled most, since Theresa May has voted for every cut to them, therefore she can’t be a Christian. And why do they say that they focus on “those who need it most”, what about those who need it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlxWPd5JO_M

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