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This is Wazim. Wazim is a Calais refugee. At first I was very apprehensive , about going to Calais. Did not know what to expect or what I would see. As you can imagine it was not good. On the way to this site , we passed the jungle. It was surrounded by razor wire and fencing which cost 4000000 pounds. Even though it has now been demolished , the size of it took my breath away. When we arrived at Wazim’s refugee camp I was shocked. At least 30 men all from Afghanistan huddled around a little fire trying to keep warm. We had a generator so they could charge their mobile phones and this is their only communication back home . Before all you racist , anti immigrant bigots jump on the fact they had mobile phones , they were donated and were at least 10.year old phones. As we opened the back of the van to hand out parcels with warm clothing in , Wazim who speaks the best English told them all go form a queue. They did without fuss. When Wazim approached he noticed my hat , which if you know me is my favourite one. Something in that instant happened. I gave him it , he immediately hugged me like I had given him a 1000000 pounds. Twice he tried to give it back, but I would not accept. Once we finished handing out parcels we were urged to talk to them. The stories were just horrendous. The police don’t leave them alone. Spray cs gas on sleeping bags. Put out their fires. I will never forget yesterday. I will never forget Wazim. Look at the photo , I look content. Wazim is a Calais refugee, but he is also a survivor. Thankyou @care4 Calais for all you do. Solidarity 4 ever.



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