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Did you know the DWP had a policy which says they can communicate with Disabled people via email, if a person needs this as an access requirement.  We often hear that in reality you have to fight hard to get them to agree to use an email.  We need to change this.

Inclusion London is working with lawyers to challenge the DWP’s failure to communicate with Disabled people in an accessible way.

You can support this challenge by sharing you experience with us.

If you have asked the DWP to send their letters to you via email instead of post, tell us what happened then.  The more people we hear from, the stronger out challenge will be.

Email Svetlana at Svetlana.kotova@inclusionlondon.org.uk


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  4 Responses to “Does the DWP communicate with you via email?  Share your experience and support our legal challenge”

  1. A bit late but I’ve just found this post. I’m currently struggling to contact DWP by email — or rather, to get a reply. I was getting replies, now it’s like they’re ignoring me.

    They accepted that I couldn’t phone them to claim PIP but haven’t given me an email contact for PIP, so I’m emailing a DWP complaints address.

    I’m wondering whether to contact my MP next because I’m getting more and more stressed and DWP don’t seem bothered that they’re causing stress with their lack of accessibility.

    It feels like discrimination when someone who can phone them can get an answer relatively quickly, yet I’ve been left for days/weeks/months frantically trying to get answers from them and getting very little back.

  2. I’ve sent emails to their main address… contact-us@jobcentreplus.gsi.gov.uk … and they’ve been bounced straight back (‘address could not be found’).

    More info and screenshot of their auto reply here –

    I also CC emails (just about everywhere) to make sure it gets to them and they can’t lie about it.
    That’s why the DWP *hates* email. Abusers don’t want to communicate in public.

    Useful addresses to CC to include these (un)civil servants –

    robert.devereux@dwp.gsi.gov.uk , andrew.rhodes@dwp.gsi.gov.uk , caxtonhouse.clerkpru@dwp.gsi.gov.uk , ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk , penny.mordaunt.mp@parliament.uk , freedom-of-information-request@dwp.gsi.gov.uk , fulfilling.potential@dwp.gsi.gov.uk , mayt@parliament.uk , corbynj@parliament.uk , leader@labour.org.uk


  3. I have tried repeatedly to get them to email but they have resisted this. They do everything they can to make it as DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE for the “customer”??

  4. Earlier this year I wanted the Severe Disability premium adding to my ESA after kicking the drug dealing son out who was supposed to be my carer. I emailed the Jobcentre and they said phone the jobcentre so i informed them that a person had won compensation by not being able to email and it ended when I sent them a notice of intention to prosecute giving them 14 days to pay or be prosecuted.
    I included all the emails including headers in the final email and on the 14th day I checked my account to find that 3 days earlier a large sum was put in the account, that same day I got a letter saying they were putting the amount into my account, and that week I got an extra £122 with my ESA. I have received the extra £61.10/70 since January

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