Dec 082017

As people are likely to know Phillip Hammond is blaming disabled people being part of the UK workforce for lower productivity rates. This is without any evidence being provided to support this bollocks. So we’d like to reply to Phillip and let him know what we all think about this latest abuse. Please feel free to tweet this post to Tory MPs including @TheresaMay

Apologies to anyone who is sensitive to what some might consider bad language.

Philip Hammond is a prick. We know this, you know this  – everybody knows this. Let’s not encourage him. Assume everything he says is just pure shite. This load of shite is particularly dangerous because it reinforces stereotypes and myths, and enables othering. More dangerously, some people feel empowered to go further than othering and take their frustrations out on people who’ve done nothing but try to live the best lives they can.
Don’t be a prick. Don’t believe or peddle this shite.
And Philip Hammond should fuck off now.


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  10 Responses to “Our Response to Phillip Hammond”

  1. Bad language may not help the cause; it may even hurt it. For example, many news sites and websites will not carry DPAC’s response to Hammond because the language filters will prevent publication and dissemination. I want our message to get through!

  2. I totally understand and agree with the frustration.

  3. He is actualy reitterating what the goveernment really think of disabled people. I’ve been saying that this government has been demonising the disabled since they came into power and before then. They have “Murdered” thousands of disabled people legally. Now that has been accepted by the public. Attack those disabled in the workforce. Once that is accepted. What is next? I’m sure everyone can guess. “The final solution”. Although that has happened with all those deaths caused directly by this vile, evil, sociopathic government. Their ideology is filtering down through the entire system. I recently felt it first hand. It felt so uncomfortable and I was in a situation where I couldn’t do anything about it. I had been rushed into hospital with a lodged kidney stone. That is one of the most painfull things to have. I told the Ward Sister I had no sight and was registered blind. I know being registered blind could mean you have some sight. I have numerous eye conditions including 2 detached retinas plus Catteracts in both eyes. They won’t remove them as their is no sight behind them. The Ward Sister in the change over told the new duty staff that I was “Nearly blind”. I’m not sure if it was through embarressment, or not knowing the correct words to say. but it made me feel she was calling me a fraud. I have had that all my life, it isn’t new. What is new it is coming from medical proffessionals. Hammond and his ilk have created this mistrust of disabled people and it is being driven into the heart of our social fabric. I’ve read on here how disabled people are now being treated by the general public. It is acceptance anfter acceptance. Pricks like Hannond re mouthpieces for this sociopathic government and our rights are being eroded constantly.

  4. I actually welcome Hammond’s silliness over this matter. As, once again, it offers more proof of this government’s complete ignorance of what actually constitutes ‘disability’ in all it’s various and variable guises. It should also undermine any claims they espouse for managing and ‘caring’ for disabled UK citizen’s needs and rights. We are not a group of ‘UNPEOPLE’, we are a collection of INDIVIDUALS with a wide variety of talents and illnesses. Indeed, this government’s credibility should be receding faster and faster in the world’s eyes when confronted with this nonsense. In other words, more proof for the UN of HM Government’s attitude towards it’s disabled citizens and taxpayers. So thanks Phil for being such an imbecile and your retirement from government is eagerly anticipated in the not too distant future.

  5. mr hammond should find out the facts before he scoops the bottom of the thames by pushing hate around about the disabled….the damage the tories have done to the disabled is evident with all the cuts they are making directed mainly at the disabled to push them into early graves….its sickening what this government are getting away with as disabled people are suffering enough with their own healths 🙁

    • ps they only push the blame onto the disabled because the tories are the ones out there screwing the tax payers over by living lavish lux lifestyles(fact)

  6. Disabled people are such a small percentage of th workforce that they would have to be breaking the products as they come off the factory line to have causd the entire country to have the low productivity that it has. Even if they were reaally, really poor workers, and made up 10 per cent of th workforce, rgar still wouldn’t account for Britain’s low productivity.
    So maybe its causd by things like, oh, at a wild guess, low investment, lack of skills, lack of R&D, little innovation, and insufficient spending on education, especially higher education.
    Not that that approach has been particularly successful, except perhaps in the US, Germany, Japan,China and Singapore.

  7. While I can sympathise with your comments I don’t think your foul language adds any credence to your arguments. We know that most politicians are out of touch with reality. They don’t understand disability issues in the same way they don’t understand business issues as most of them are career politicians and have no experience of living an actual life.

    • The time for polite discourse is long past, we all need to recognise Philip Hammond and the rest of them for what they are, the enemy.

  8. I agree with your sentiment entirely, my daughter disabled with MS and diagnosed with cancer too late for it to be treated, worked until two months before her death and made a valuable contribution to the economy and her community. I won’t be retweeting the message because I feel that a strong message is not helped by ‘strong’ language. I may, however, tweet a message of my own.

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