Dec 062017

A  new resource to find help and advice in your area has been launched today. It’s by LASA, the charity which runs RightsNet and other services. The services it signposts you too are all vetted too.

Just enter your postcode and ask it for the service you need.




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  2 Responses to “possible useful new resource”

  1. Iam disabled not a cut off coffee you can not sell me and buy me fu.. Right OFF

  2. So long as it’s NOT signposting to the Rip Off payment for advice services that are springing up all over the place supplying the exact same info as many longstanding Facebook groups and others have for years totally free of charge as it’s all openly available via Google it’s got to be against some law or other sureiy to pray on the vunerable and desperate l8ke this sureiy (one I heard of a few weeks back demands a % of any backpay you gain ? Sureiy that can’t be legal either??

    My main question however is IF the “others” can supply an almost identical service minus maybe personal attendance at tribunal, how can they do it FReE and without charges some have websites apps and such alongside their Facebook pages and still they don’t charge, a few with very good success rates, i just don’t understand why this is not being stopped it’s blatantly targeting the vunerable, the desperate, the neediest in society, so how can they get away with this ?? Anyone kn9w the answer ! It’s a kick in the proverbials to all the thousands of hard working advice workers out their working hard with NO FUNDS

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