Oct 282017
It’s been reported https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/disabled-people-interned-care-homes-nhs-cost-cutting-a8019906.html that across the country disabled people are receiving threats from their local NHS service that they may have to be moved from living in their own homes to a residential setting due to newly capped funding.
I’m looking to speak to disabled people in this situation to raise awareness of the issue. Please note, it isn’t necessary that you’ve actually been moved to a care home but that you’ve been directly told this is a possibility. 
Please get in touch on: frances.ryan.freelance@guardian.co.uk 


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  2 Responses to “Frances Ryan wants to speak to disabled people threatened to be moved to residential settings”

  1. To get an NHS power chair I had to have an adapted home. I could no longer manage the stairs and there was no adequate access for my wheel chair. I was offered a flat within a care home for elderly people. Although the property would have been more accessible for me, I felt it did not meet my cultural and social needs. The rent would have included care staff to ensure I was up and dressed each day and there was no kitchen as food was taken in the canteen.

    I do not want this care service, I want to keep my independence. I want to choose my own food and not be restricted with a typical stodgy British meal of soft foods with no vegetarian option but a jacket potato. I do not want to eat in a communal canteen with entertainment such as singing old war songs and bingo.

    I said no, through my MP and many calls to the local council, I eventually got offered a bungalow, totally independent from the residents home. I have my own garden, two bedrooms and access to the care scheme if I need it (emergency call button). It is perfectly located near bus stops and town centre, all wheel chair friendly, so I got an NHS power chair and I’m totally independent. Putting younger disabled people into elderly care homes is not suitable at all and does not meet our needs. Plus the rents are very expensive as they include care and foods and located away from all the essential services in town. More adapted, affordable, independent homes are needed.

    • Morvenna, I was too First offered an elderly people’s home, at 44, yet when I said no the council said I was being unreasonable, it was also in another borough when it was also clearly stated I needed to stay extremely locally for mental health reasons, head injury, memory problems, support system and medical care. I spent over a year longer fighting crawling in a flat wheelchair services denied me a wheelchair as they said they only provided indoor wheelchairs and my flat was unaccessible, making me even more housebound, it was insane, but I wasn’t being forced into care home because funding cuts being capped this is insane it just gets worse doesn’t it.? I wonder how many of us needing wheelchair accessible housing were offered care homes ?? when, elderly people are taking up hospital beds because there are not enough care homes for them and no where near enough care in the community because if funding cuts ? The whole thing is criminal. We are being treated worse than animals. I’m glad you now have a good space. I’m glad to be not falling like I was and or crawling around the flat and was bedbound last few months due to not being able to crawl. It’s nice just to be able to pop out or get to an appointment, unless I’m too sick that day. Take care (but am intrigued to know how many people offered inappropriate elderly people housing ) xx

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