Jul 052018

Meme - caption - Esther (look you in the eye and lie) McVey - Sack Esther McVey for misleading Parliament

We don’t normally do petitions – but if there is a chance of getting McVey sacked – even a slim chance – we’ll take it – so here goes

Please sign, share on social media, your email address book, with your friends, family, neighbours, ex-partners, loose acquaintances, in the post office, round the railway station, the bowls club, with next doors cat, anywhere – just share, share, share, share

We need to get this going big time and we need a big effort from everyone who sees this post

So here it is (just click “Read More” to go to the petition page, or click this link) …..

Plus here’s a catchy tune to play while you are doing all that sharing

Sack Esther McVey, by Alun Parry


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  One Response to “DPAC Petition to get McVey sacked for lying to parliament – please sign and share, share, share”

  1. I have signed and shared this excelklent petition. In tweeting out the link I also tagged in @MarxismFestival and hope they will be announciung this petition at the event, which I am in London to attend. I have also put up a post on my own blog: aspi.blog/2018/07/06/mcvey-out-petition-by-dpac/

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