Oct 192012

Follow Livestream from @albury for Oct 20th TUC march

If you cannot get to the march, you can follow it here.

Two of our supporters will be joining the front party with TUC leaders and others.

We understand that disabled people will be leading the march but we are asking for every DPAC supporter who can to join us at the short march meeting point at Jermyn Street/ St.James Street just off Picadilly at 11.30 am . We can’t say exactly at what time the main march will arrive there.

We hope to see you all there.

Map for the rally. http://afuturethatworks.org/the-rally/


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  One Response to “Follow livestream for Oct 20th TUC march”

  1. I send this message to praise all from DPAC and the many disabled citizens who are not members but took a stand yesterday. I am one of many who is suffering under this con/dem-nation having suffered an SAH Stroke back in April 1990 at just 27 yrs old I needed a deep invasive craniotomy and 3 mths of induced coma and it was so bad I died for 4 mins however I fought and got back to relative fitness and returned to work for 17yrs until the spasticity and joint pain took its toll And thus I retired at 47 yrs old I never claimed any disability benefits during this time now some might say what a fool but the point was I was earning a living wage and rightly or wrongly thought the disability benefits should go to someone more deserving so I did not claim DLA and IB until Sept 2007 and it has been I slog and fight ever since at the moment I am awaiting an appeal for ESA.

    I was on the march yesterday and did the whole march from start to finish but by the time I reached Park Lane the spasticity pain was really hurting and my right leg was dragging on the pavement due to foot drop but I was determined to carry on and get to hyde park which I did and was very proud of myself I had some strange looks from passers by and overheard one police woman say “look at that poor guy” I felt a connection with that police officer and knew in there heart of hearts she was supportive which gave me added will.

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