Oct 062017

David Gauke the latest in a long line of ministers of state for DWP this week refused to halt the roll out of Universal Credit despite warnings from many credible sources including his own backbenchers that it was a disaster in waiting.

As the roll out of Universal Credit proceeds more and more disabled people are likely to find that they miss out on any transitional protections and in the worst case scenario that their claim is treated as a new one they face the loss of £78.35 a week from their social security payments.

This is because in Universal credit there are no Severe Disability Premiums or Enhanced Disability Premium paid. They simply vanish into thin air.

Research has shown that the additional cost of being disabled is £550 per month extra but the nasty party are stripping claimants of most of the money they need to meet those additional costs.

We’re planning something for International Day of Disabled People with more details about this to follow but in the meantime we’re asking people to contact their MPs and ask them to justify taking £78.35 pw away from those who have the highest support needs/ are most severely disabled.

Maybe they’ll say how they manage to sleep at nights.

Please then send us a copy of your letter and their response to you. mail@dpac.uk.net

You can find your MP’s contact details at https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

This recent case might be helpful to  people to challenge any cuts








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  11 Responses to “Daylight Robbery – Most severely disabled people will lose £78.35 pw from Universal Credit”

  1. I have recently had all my PIP stopped and it is currently at the Mandatory Reconsideration stage. Even though I have progressive illnesses, they halved my scoring and it is making me ill with the worry. I believe this is a ploy to get me to make a new claim using UC and thus will lose a lot of money.This is a scandalous injustice to the disabled.

  2. I now longer sleep.
    It used to be because of pain, now I am constantly in fear of the next announcement of yet another cut or another strategy to kill of disabled people.
    I am so depressed, I have a progressive condition and the government used to give me the security that I would be supported for the rest of my life. Now they seem intent on making me as miserable as possible until I finally crack and kill myself.
    I fought to get through the indignities of PIP. I spent a year in constant terror that I would lise my car and independance, and now the government have invented a new torture Universal Credit. Now I learn that I am probably going to have a lot of my money taken away. The rules, criteria and information mean absolutely nothing to me.
    I am in too much pain and too busy with attempting to cope with living to try and understand the system, it’s so complicated. Why make it so difficult???
    I dread the future. I used to be secure and hapoy despite my medical problems. Now I see no hope, and think at some point I will exit because I can’t take any more uncertainty. I am on way more medication than I was before all these changes happened. I have changed as a person. This government are not fit for purpose, disaled people are being treated like cattle.

  3. This is all very depressing. as the cuts bite our already precarious health gets worse. bloodtests done show deficienceys, vit d, folate acid deficiencey , infections, having no appetite ? or is it really thinking cant afford the food needed to nourish and sustain us.It hurts when your 18 year old disabled daughter who has congenital heart defect, a blood disorder, is deficienct. It is fact, we are cutting out on nourishing food, its happening not just to disabled and sick, but to people in low paid jobs, son working every day of the week looking thin and hollow eyed. maggie thatcher was so blinkered talking about parents been able to give thier children fresh milk. the only fresh milk I got was at school. All these little things make all the difference, and it has been chipped away constantly to those who can least afford it.

  4. its a disgrace that we live in one of the richest countries in the world yet our disabled are being treated as if we live in a third world country…….Agenda 21 was called a lie my the us/uk government but im seeing quite clearly it is not 🙁

  5. I transfered over to UC only to get my Housing Costs & as a result I have now lost £78.35 a week, no one made me aware that this would happen I asked adevise before & was told it would remain same now I find out that I loose £156.70 & bills to pay I have also contacted my M.P but too late now can’t get this money back is all wrong Tory Propergander

  6. UC has not yet been rolled out in my area.
    If the DWP think they are going to steal £4074.20 a year from my benefits, when I am moved to UC, they need to think again.
    I have all the documents from the UN investigation into the UK breach of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, including their findings. If DWP does start to steal part of my benefit, they will be back at the UN to explain themselves within a month. I will get an special session convened, under UN Article Chapter IV Article 20.

    • Just as an addition to my post. Secretary of state, Damian Green, on advice from the civil servants in his department has rejected the UN findings as “an outdated view of disability which is patronising and offensive”.
      The UK has an obligation to adhere to the convention for four reasons,
      1. United Nations Act 1946
      2. They agreed to the UN Charter
      3. The UK has ratified all but one Article in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
      4. UN Sanctions can be applied to the UK, if they do not conform. I will petition for this.

      • I transfered over to UC only to get my Housing Costs & as a result I have now lost £78.35 a week, no one made me aware that this would happen I asked adevise before & was told it would remain same now I find out that I loose £156.70 & bills to pay I have also contacted my M.P but too late now can’t get this money back is all wrong Tory Propergander

      • HERE HERE!

  7. I have just written to my local mp. Sorry to say she has not been helpfull in the past and has ignored my requests for help. This is something that is so cruel, viscious and life threatening. I don’t understand why universal credit is being allowed to be extended until the problem has been fixed. To lose one part of our benefit has an impact on other parts. At the moment. I am under so much stress that something like this may very easily put me over the edge. I can’t speak for others but can imagine what it would do to them. This is sheer cruelty and absolute evil to allow this to happen. Why is this even a possibility? Why and where is that money going? This is a failing in the universal credit system and they know it. Why has it not been fixed? This is as far as I am concerned being done on purpose. To cause as many disabled people as much distress, anxiety and deliberatly put them in a very vulnerable and dangerous situation. A life threatening situation. One in which their care needs will not be met, putting their lives in serious danger. This government have already been found guilty by the un of systematic violations of disabled peoples human rights. This is serious and again life threatening. This is putting disabled people in absolute danger and should not be allowed to happen.

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