Oct 072017

The DWP has published the long awaited guidance on Reassessments for claimants with the most severe and lifelong conditions, with the applicable criteria. This will only apply to claimants in the Support Group or under UC who have been found to have Limited Work Related Activity capability.  As with any decision which is discretionary, there will be no right of appeal.  Developed in conjunction with some disability charities such as DRUK, the criteria are not related to specific conditions, but to broader categories which will apply to specific conditions but will also encompass others, when all the criteria are met.

As with everything related to DWP, the implementation will be key, but there are already some questions:

Will it be a limit within a range to the number of people found to meet the criteria? A FOI request has already been made about this: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/wca_management_information_sever

What if a disability assessor and a claimant’s GP or consultant disagree about the realistic prospect of recovery?  Could a disability assessor who is neither a GP nor a consultant overrule a GP or a consultant in that regard?

There will be more questions. Meanwhile the guidance and the criteria are here:

FAQs on WCA severe conditions

DWP WCA Guidance on severe conditions

Severe conditions guidance




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  7 Responses to “DWP’s Criteria and guidance on WCA reassessments”

  1. The government wont back down on their austerity directed purely at the disabled because they enjoy watching us have to suffer and they believe we deserve to die if we are disabled because we dont pay taxes….they can change the rules as much as they like but non that work for them ever abide by the rules ie the un slams the government ordering them to make things better for us all….so the government changes one or two things to shut the eu up….non of us will see those changes and the deaths will continue across britain…i had a neighbour who has fibromyalga and b12 diffiencies and aspergers she has had her benefits sanctioned and is now living in a tent with no money/food/meds….shes been to the council and shes tried to call dwp(no one wants to help her)….she is totally alone freezing/hungry and scared sleeping on the street and her fibromyalga has gotten severe as the cold/damp has gotten into her bones and her b12 problems have got alot worse as she has no money to buy the foods that have b12 in as she only has a dustbin to rely on for food where sandwiches are chucked into…im scared she is going to die this winter due to the cold but im told if i help her i will have my disability benefits sanctioned too : ……how did this country ever get so cold as theres no compassion anymore from the people who are in a possition to change things for the better as all they want to do is bring misery onto our doorsteps and into our homes simply to line their own silk pockets 🙁

  2. What is an “unambigous ” condition ? Sounds like something that can be applied to most of us.

  3. They’ll cherry pick the ones they want to continue torturing..I don’t trust them at all.

  4. strange how billions of pounds is spent on these assessment companies but there is no money for the nhs….it does not take a brain surgeon the fiqure out whats going on in britain today against the disabled and poor….read agenda 21 as its happening in the usa too folks!

    • It is odd that they offer multi-billion pound conglomerates massive contracts, so that over-paid staff can assess people; all in the name of ‘austerity’.

  5. For anyone with PTSD here is what THE DWP’s OWN ‘MEDICAL PROTOCOLS’ say about assessments –

    Quote –
    “The slow recovery times show that, for purposes of disability assessment,
    TWO-YEAR reassessments, up to a 6-YEAR MAXIMUM, are indicated


    protocol [pro´to-kol]

    a detailed written set of instructions to guide the care of a patient or to assist the practitioner in the performance of a procedure.

    a written plan specifying the procedures to be followed in giving a particular examination, conducting research, or providing care for a particular condition.

    A local policy or strategy which defines appropriate action and guides how an activity should be performed.

    indication [in″dĭ-ka´shun]

    a sign or circumstance that points to or shows the cause, treatment, or some other aspect of a disease.

    a reason to prescribe a medication or perform a treatment.

    The basis for initiation of a treatment for a disease or of a diagnostic test.

    a sign or circumstance that points to or shows the cause, treatment, etc. of a disease


    Despite being told all of that by me (yet again) AND reporting it all to the local Atos-Capita employing police…
    South Wales ATOS-Police –
    South Wales CAPITA-Police –

    …this DWP ****** turned up at my home –

    And now they’re starving me to death –

    Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 –
    Witness Intimidation –

    Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 –
    Corrupt or other improper exercise of police powers and privileges –

    Fraud Act 2006 / Misconduct in Public Office / Serious Crime Act 2007 / Criminal Attempts Act 1981 / Homicide: Murder and Manslaughter
    (Plenty More)

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