May 122017
[from People’s Assembly ]

Captain SKA’s track ‘Liar Liar’ has been remastered to target Theresa May and the Conservative Party for the General Election. It’s a scathing attack on Tory Government’s record. It will be available to download from Friday 26 May. 

In 2010 the original track hit no.1 in the UK Reggae charts – the target at that time being Cameron, Clegg and the Coalition Government. In the run up to such a crucial election we want to think big and get it into the official top 40s – obliging the BBC to play it on the airways reaching millions. 

It only takes a few thousand downloads to get it in the top 40s. We need your help to spread the word to your friends, family, workmates. 

Today we’ve released a short teaser video – please share on social media, spread the word and get ready to download it on Friday 26 May. 

All proceeds during the election campaign will be split between food banks across the UK and the People’s Assembly Against Austerity – directly helping those suffering most at the hands of the Tories and also to help sustain a campaign for the alternative to austerity.



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  5 Responses to “Theresa May: She’s a Liar Liar! You can’t trust her… #TrashTheTories”

  1. Why not till then, why am I having to wait 10 more days, release it now, fight back now!!!

  2. we need to persuade everyone to to vote for labour i was bale to purchase a house as my son is disabled labour used help people with disabilities but the tories ,conservatives are only good for the rich and we need to bring labour back . i always see people onn question time blame labour party for everything but it was the laobur who brought nhs and the tories brought poll tax and sugar tax and bedroom tax but for the less fortunate they make them bleed more like the robin hood prince john . if immigration is a problem and labour get blamed for it what about the mass immigration the conservatives brought in the last 5 years allowing people from the from the world come here to create tension amongst the uk people so that they vote for a brexit

  3. Wouldn’t worry. Theresa May and the hated Tories will soon be history. Labour is set on course for a landslide election victory. Jeremy Corbyn will be our next Prime Minister.

    To secure a fair deal for the disabled and for the many Vote LABOUR on June 8th

  4. This womans a Christian telling lies killing the disabled she’s as bad as Hitler

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