May 122017

Digital Games for Rehabilitation and Recommender Apps with Privacy Management for Disabled People

I am a senior lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow and am a member of DPAC Glasgow.  I am  carrying out this survey with an Italian colleague. We are both disabled.

The survey covers two related studies on (i) digital games in the rehabilitation of disabled people and (ii) mobile recommender apps with privacy management for disabled people.  It has ethical approval from the University of Glasgow

Please do consider participating.  Please contact me if you would like further information

Contact details:  Dr Marion Hersh,

Survey link (English version):

Survey link (Italian version):

There are also companion versions for teachers, therapists and other professionals working with disabled people which will be available online soon.  Please contact me for the links. 

Further information: There is increasing interest in the use of games in education and rehabilitation and a large and ever increasing number of mobile apps.  There may therefore be potential for the use of games in the rehabilitation of disabled people and the development of recommender apps to aid disabled people in finding products that meet their needs.  Both rehabilitation games and mobile recommender apps may obtain information about the user and the context.  This raises the issues of privacy management.  However there are few studies which examine these issues from the perspective of disabled people.   This research is aimed to fill these gaps.  We aim to collect information, opinions, suggestions and expectations about the use of (i) digital and interactive games in the rehabilitation of disabled people and (ii) the use of recommendation apps with privacy management for disabled people.  This brief questionnaire is intended for disabled people and the parents of disabled children under 16, who will complete it on their behalf.



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