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General Election Meme #TrashTheTories

You can download all the graphic images for the #TrashTheTories Campaign here  to use yourself and share.

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This week Theresa May announced yet another Tory U-turn scrapping their fixed term parliaments to call a surprise General Election. This couldn’t possibly be because the CPS is likely to charge 30 of the corrupt bastards with fraud I suppose?

Like most other people I’ve probably had enough elections in the past couple of years to last almost a lifetime but it does give us all an opportunity to show how powerful disabled voters are and to get rid of the Tory vermin once and for all. And we need to do that for all of those previously driven to their deaths and for others still being harassed and vilified simply for being disabled.

For the past 7 years disabled people have been treated as scapegoats for the rancid and vile Osborne austerity agenda. As a group of people we have endured cuts which have impacted on us 9 times more than others and for those with the highest support needs 19 times more. The UN has found the UK Tory government guilty of the grave and systematic violation of disabled people’s human rights thanks to the efforts of DPAC and our supporters who presented evidence to the inquiry carried out in October 2015. So we have indisputable evidence from an internationally respected organisation about the atrocities people have been forced to endure.

It is vital that disabled people and their friends and families are registered to vote on June 8th and that they do vote to get rid of the Tories.

The deadline to register to vote is Monday 22nd May. If millions of people register in the next two weeks, then we’ll have already won.

Here are things you can do to make it happen:

1. Don’t lose your vote
If you’re not already registered to vote, register now. It takes just 2 minutes, and all you need is your national insurance number. Remember, if you’re a UK resident from the Republic of Ireland or a Commonwealth country you’re eligible to vote. 
If you’re not sure where you’ll be on 8th June, make sure you register for a postal vote. Just fill out this form and post or email it to your Electoral Registration Office. It must reach them by 5pm on 23rd May, so make sure to send it this week.

If you want a postal proxy  you must apply by Tuesday 23 May.

If you want a different type of proxy vote (someone to vote for you),  you must apply by Wednesday 31 May.

For an emergency proxy vote, for example if you end up in hospital, it’s 5pm on the day of the election.

2. Get everyone you know to register

If every single one of us gets five people to register, we’ll win this election. Do your bit, make sure your friends and family are all registered to vote by 22nd May.


Share this video on your Facebook and forward this email to five people telling them to register to make their mark on this historic election.

While real change is unlikely to happen without a leftist Labour party in power our first battle must be against the Tories and ridding ourselves of them. In the 2015 general election Ed Miliband effectively threw away the bulk of the Labour vote in Scotland by refusing to run on an anti-austerity agenda and this will be problematic this time round but not impossible to combat.

What if you have a Labour MP who you don’t think it’s worth voting for? I’ve already seen people in Southwark saying they would never vote for the Labour MP there and then there’s Birmingham Yardley’s MP, Edgbaston’s MP and others. Worse could you/should you vote Lib Dem aka the little yellow Tories with a seemingly homophobic leader if they offer the opportunity to trash the Tories? Tactical voting to eradicate one scourge on mankind or voting from the heart might be the choice only you can make.

You’re all adults so in spite of requests we have no intention of telling you how you should vote but will be presenting various facts, figures and policies for you to consider over the next few weeks plus organising some fun activities on and off-line for you to take part in.

Graphic Images to download and share (all made by the ever-brilliant Brian Hilton)

You can also download all the graphic images for the #TrashTheTories Campaign from here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B37vGQoIDyPrVFBITDVoQkNzX0k

General Election Meme #TrashTheToriesBallott Box Meme for the #TrashTheToriesCampaignLoud hailer meme for the #TrashTheTories Campaign

Theresa May “Our Blood on Her Hands” Memes

Theresa May "Our Blood on Her Hands" Memes #1Theresa May "Our Blood on Her Hands" Memes #2Theresa May "Our Blood on Her Hands"

Downloadable Leaflet

Downloadable #TrashTheTories Leaflet




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  8 Responses to “Time to Trash the Tories #TrashTheTories #GE2017”

  1. In Scotland people need to vote SNP to keep the tory animal at bay , in England and Wales people need to get together and decide WHICH[not much of a choice i suppose] labour/Libdumb candidate they will support en mass and which party/candidate they will eject.
    This is the only way to oust these animals .
    And is you’re a Scot ,? have a wee look at the comments from Tory MP Lucy Frazer , just google Lucy Frazer Cromwell comments and see what type of sick individuals and anti Scots the Tories have in Wastemonter parliament , and don’t get me started on their behaviour towards disabled folks !.

  2. If every single disabled person who is legible to vote does vote, even Labour. The evil Tory’s will lose so many seats. I know that there are Tory Labourites and you do to. They have lost the empathy to accept the abject and cruel hardship created by these sociopathic Narcissists of a Tory Government. I genuinely feel it so deep inside that to let May back into power is signing a death sentence for even more disabled people. This sadistic and vile government are hell bent on destroying the welfare state, the nhs and remove as many workers rights as is possible. The cuts of benefit for disabled people are the worse ever and continue on a downward spiral. If they get back into power it will be 20 times worse. We will have to rely on charity for help with daily living. The charities will never be able to afford to dope with the increase in requests for help. They are overwhelmed at the moment, never mind in the future. I truly loath this government with every molecule of my being. The cuts are abhorrent and a disgrace in a country that is supposed to be amongst the richest in the world. When the nhs is dismantled it will be exactly like the us. No money no medical treatment. A second and maybe third tier system where the disabled are below the bottom of the list. Every single time I think that it can’t get worse it does. They are systematically removing any help for disabled people so it isn’t noticed. Then suddenly it’s gone and no one cares. The media don’t give a dam. They even tried to say the movie Daniel Blake was a lie. It wasn’t a lie and it was as near the truth as it can be. Yet the truth is much worse. The reality is so much deeper. One life lost is one life too many. A life is worth something but not to these evil people. They have no conscience, no reality of what life is like for the disabled in the uk. The people I feel for are those with a mental health condition. After losing a high court case, the government then change the law. They didn’t even put it through Parliament. They used a convenient means of bending the legislation so they could once again hit the disabled. “The genuine disabled”. “The real disabled”.

  3. my wife and I are already registered voters and as disabled ppl, we agree whole heartedly. We are both currently unemployed and are very eager to work. I am sick to the back teeth of the way the nhs has been ground to dust by this government through the media and want people to be given the facts

  4. Here’s a tactical voting chart for constituencies , showing the best way to vote to get rid of the Tories:


  5. If the torys get back in we all going back to 1918

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