Apr 122017

Have you lost DLA or PIP due to the change in descriptors from 50 metres to 20 metres in the mobility test.

If so and you’re willing to speak to a journalist about this please contact Emily Dugan from Buzzfeed news. They are doing a series of articles about disability cuts and need to speak to people.




020 3814 1907 | 077 1770 2566




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  7 Responses to “Lost DLA or PIP due to 20 metre rule?”

  1. Untruths, lies and damned lies, the very ethos of Athos. Lost my car and Care downgraded too all because this woman, 2 1/2 hours late for the appointment, lied her way through the assessment. This ‘lady’ is now on permanent sick leave because of the amount of complaints against her.
    If I was the DWP person responsible, I would have failed me after reading her report. I did not recognise most of the things written in this work of fiction. I cannot leave my house without transport, a walk of half a mile to the bus stops either way and if I could walk that far I would not be able to get on or off the bus.
    Chronic back pain, Fybromyalgia, deafness, non-inflammatory Arthritis, 4 heart attacks, lower left ventricular failure, lost an eye in the Royal Navy, Plantar Fasciitis, plate in right arm (RTA,) vertigo, the list goes on.
    I have an admission to make, I once voted Conservative, never again. I am awaiting the arrival of the prospective Conservative Councillor, hold on to your hats when he or she arrives.

  2. i had H.R.MOBILITY got transferred to p.i.p lost my award, I appealed, it made no difference, I have files at the hospital about 10″ thick or more I have letters from my specialists, and my g.p. they kept making there own rules up when I was intouch several times about there decision. they said this is not D.L.A. IT IS P.I.P AND THE RULES ARE NOT THE SAME.i walk with 2 crutches and cannot walk unaided I have a stairlift, I have a wetroom, bed aids etc they don’t care, I lost roughly £4000. + a year

  3. I agree with Marion. Let’s get this straight the government is murdering the disabled no one is. doing nothing about it. But just remember anyone one can end up disabled.

  4. Though I appreciate we do what we can to get the message out there about the shocking wrongs being done to disabled people, I do wonder if much is changing (I’m aware there have been some victories) . The Tories have carried on regardless of everything, even the UN calling them out & most of the general public either don’t care or think “we’re just scroungers, so we don’t matter”? Obviously a hostile mainstream media pedalling a daily diet of lies, mis information all round & people mostly selfish & concerned about their own family network, doesn’t help. Don’t know what the answer is, but we’re running out of time & health.

  5. Hello I lost my car and got stitched up at my appeal I have a good story to tell which I think will interest u

  6. Lost mobility on PIP due to assessors lies ,He said that i mentioned that i drove a car in descriptors ie Washing and dressing and three more times .I use a walking stick as i suffer from pain in my feet with peripheral neuropathy , nerves at base worn out , letter from nureosurgeon said it was inoperable . The assessor never addressed these. I have complained to ATOS and DWP . I have appointment for tribunal on 27/4/17

  7. hi my daughters pip form has been away for 3 weeks now if she fails i will let you know

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