Apr 222017

General Election Meme #TrashTheTories13 million Disabled Voters say time for politicians to take us seriously

May 2nd meet 12.15 pm Old Palace Yard
As more and more disabled people are affected daily by the vicious cuts inflicted on us by the Tories. Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) are calling on all disabled people to register and vote in the forthcoming General Election to make sure that the Tories cannot win.The 13 million disabled voters in the UK and their families very much hold the balance of power in this election, yet politicians continue to ignore us as a serious political force – but we are and will prove this in 2017.

With the Trash the Tories (#TrashTheTories) campaign, DPAC will be making sure that disabled people and their demands are not forgotten by candidates in the forthcoming election. Nor will we sit back quietly now the UN has found this Conservative government guilty of the “Grave and Systematic violation” of disabled people’s human rights.

Our lively protest on the final day that Parliament sits before the election will be followed up by further actions around the country against politicians who have voted for policies harmful to disabled people since 2010. This will culminate with a protest in Theresa May’s constituency of Maidenhead.

Funding available to help with any travel or PA costs you may have. If help needed please email details to mail@dpac.uk.net

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  1. Is there anything organised for the rest of the country? Many, many can’t get to London and this is always the focus. We need people protesting up and the country. same day, same day. With so little time to get organised. I can’t find anything like this planned on any group??

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