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Social workers expect volunteers to replace funding for PA’s – your  experience

Some disabled people have experienced expectations from social workers to use volunteers to make up for cuts in support packages.  If this has happened to you please let Henrietta.Doyle know by emailing: Henrietta.Doyle@inclusionlondon.org.uk



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  4 Responses to “Have you been told to replace your PAs with volunteers?”

  1. Hi . The problem seems to be very much from what I have realised with . CPN . Psychiatry . Council Paid Social Workers is very much time waste & ignoring client needs of the patient in society . At worse it took at least 4 days of walking backwards and forwards to the . Stamford Street . ASHTON . Tameside . Offices to simply write with a pen ( taking no more than 2 minutes to do responsibly ) a food bank card . THOUGH . the devious & sly agony was that the Social Worker completed this wrong at least 3 times ?

    I had to then read the small print exceptions and then take this back to the Stamford Street . ASHTON . Tameside . Social Worker Offices .

    There is also no OBVIOUS idea to make progress with Technology . Such that when telephoning during office hours the . Social Worker could be

    1 . not at desk & reception staff don’t know where the heck is ( even though there is CCTV cameras in all areas of the Social Worker Offices )
    2 . annual leave don’t know when back at work ( can’t get through to Duty Manager to find out )
    3 . out on visit want to take my home number then call me back . THOUGH . a wait all day finds no return telephone call back
    4 . in a meeting call around 2 hours time when finished else leave your number then would call back though never does .

    Complaints Process
    There is no revised methods of clearing these difficulties as the tricks and devious sly methods continue all of the time .

    Productive Help
    It seems that to ask the . CPN . Psychiatry . Council Paid Social Worker to do any task in order to help the Client Patient in society is ever so difficult & in some cases takes ages .

    When I have been on the . Psychiatry Ward . the . CPN . Psychiatry . Council Paid Social Worker has SAID to a Patient in distress when asking to complete a social security . dwp . department of work and pensions form .

    ” you don’t think I have been to Social Worker University just to fill in forms ”

    No Use of Possible Sensible Technology
    The Telephone line out of hours service in another part of the UK . has been reported from a Mental Health Resistance Network Member to revert to and go to . Answering Machine . THEN . doesn’t get a follow on reply . Even though the Funding given goes to millions of pounds in a vast area .

    There is no . Telephone Freephone Number . No Call Fast Divert to ( 1 St ) social workers DESK Telephone ( 2 Nd ) social workers CAR Bluetooth sun visor mobile phone kit ( 3 Rd ) a call back indication & making sure isn’t a fob off .

    There is no computerisation of . Food Bank Cards . ONLINE with Fast Home Shopping Delivery . The ONLY methods being that

    Client Patient has to
    1 . Go to SPECIFIC designated official for a Food Bank Card & complete with a Pen with Client patient being asked questions
    2 . The Client patient has to go on a . Bus ( with free bus pass ) to a SPECIFIC designated building location Food Bank on a SPECIFIC designated day to carry bags of support shopping home . Then put in Fridge / Cupboards .

    Greater Home Care Money Help & Life Money Help
    If benefit money is sanctioned ( stopped ) and housing benefit paid to Landlord is ( stopped ) the . CPN . Psychiatry . Council Paid Social Worker . POSSIBLY doesn’t intervene THOUGH . it’s down to the Client patient to contest and respond to these difficulties .

  2. If this is taking place and seen to be “successful” from a local authority standpoint then you can be assured that it will rapidly spread throughout the country.

    Of course, this would be a retrograde step, taking us right back to relying on charity and goodwill rather than having citizen’s rights.

    The UN reviews look at retrogression of rights during their regular national reports but when has the UK Government paid any heed to the UN Committees – unless it suits them of course.

  3. Going back 20 years, when I was a student, fellow disabled students with higher support requirements than my own were expected to fill them with the help of CSVs (Community Service Volunteers). I understand the charitable organisation recently changed its name to Volunteering Matters.
    These volunteers were usually also of student age on a sort of gap year.
    But this sort of arrangement tended to be unique to disabled students, to bridge the gap between assessed care needs and the fact that disabled student allowance doesn’t cover personal care.
    Is this the sort of thing that is now being rolled out as a matter of course to all disabled people?

  4. We have a care review taking place in Lancashire at the moment, so far the consultation from our county council seems to be all about increasing the costs to the service users which of course is worrying as the majority who use care services and funded by the Local Authority and increased costs will create further destitution and hardship for many of course the review does not read this way.

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