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callout for a new zine on mental health, capitalism and other intersections of oppression that I think your members and followers would be interested in, called "intersectioned: mental health under capitalism". We're making this zine because we think it's a really important issue, and it would be great to have a readily available resource on it. It would be amazing if you could share this callout with your members and on your social media channels, as we would like to reach as broad a range of potential contributors as possible.


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  7 Responses to “New Mental Health Zine “Intersectioned”: callout for submissions”

  1. Need the authors be British? I had a doozy of a time during my first Australian hospitalisation though I grew up in America. I’m an Australia Permanent Resident who has been mistreated in a well-known hospital, and would like to share my story in hopes of preventing future experiences to those who enter their doors. Thank you.

  2. Hi BJ, the article above has a text-photo. I’ve had it converted to editable text as follows below. We must in future ensure all photo-text is converted so can be read by us visually impaired people, and others. Solidarity and here’s the text:

    “INTERSECTIONED: Mental Health Under Capitalism
    Call For Submissions

    Hate capitalism? Wanna tell us how it’s fucked up your mental health?

    We’re looking for submissions for a new zine on capitalism, mental
    health and how they intersect with other forms of oppression. We
    want to challenge the dominant mental health discourse, which
    ignores the violence of capitalism and the effect of oppression on
    mental health, instead pushing a regime of neoliberal self-care with
    the aim of keeping you smiling at work. We want to create a zine that
    will be useful for people struggling against these issues – your stories
    are useful, your analysis is useful, your experience is useful.
    Art, poetry and prose will all be accepted – but we do want to
    showcase a broad range of styles and experiences, as well as making
    the zine as accessible as possible. With this in mind, we’re holding a
    workshop at Freedom Bookshop on Wednesday 25th January to share ideas, encourage collaboration and give further information.
    If you want to get involved, email intersectionedzine@gmail.com or come along to our workshop (or both!). The deadline for submissions
    is Tuesday 28th February.
    We’ll be running events to raisemoney to print the zine – so watch
    out for more info!”

  3. Apologies, am I missing something on the screen? I’m using a screen reading program and can only read a couple of short sentences. Is there a more indepth article? I haven’t got a hangover honestly.

  4. whether the matter concerns us directly or not, in different degrees we would feel all involved and responsible towards a sensible matter … we should react and act in solidarity, fraternal and … we would show our pain and dance and sing and paint the worries, the stress, the agony provoked and the physical loss and weakness …

  5. Where is Freedom Bookshop please?

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