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Saturday 3rd December is a the UN International Day of Disabled People, and also a local/national day of action to stop NHS “Sustainability and Transformation Plans”.
Called Secret Theft Plans, or Slash Trash and Plunder by campaigners, STPs are the biggest attack on the NHS that the public – and most NHS staff- have never heard of.
They aim to strip around £25.5bn spending out of the NHS, that would be needed to maintain the current level of provision up to 2020/21
They violate the core NHS principle that treatments are freely and equally available to all who have a clinical need for them.
Under instructions from the Tory government’s quango NHS England, 44 of them started this year across the whole of England.
Please do whatever you can, wherever you are, to tell the public and NHS staff about what these Plans mean for the NHS – because the powers that be are doing everything they can to keep them secret.
Because if people knew about them, there would be an uproar.
STPs aim to create categories of the “deserving” and “undeserving” ill, and restrict access to treatments for the “undeserving” ill – people with long term health problems whose chronic ailments are deemed to be the result of lifestyle choices.
They aim to strip around £25.5bn spending out of the NHS, that would be needed to maintain the current level of provision up to 2020/21
STPs ignore the fact that these long term conditions are strongly associated with poverty, deprivation and the environmental degradation that is worst in low income neighbourhoods – and that tackling these issues is needed in order to improve public health.
Instead, STPs extend to the NHS the principles of conditionality and sanctions that already apply to Universal Credit (and the benefits it replaces).
Through “employment is a health solution” measures, STPs tie the NHS into the DWP’s health and work programme, due to come into effect in April 2017, which will target people with mental health condition and other long term conditions to get back to the work place.
The Darlington, Tees, Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby STP says: “Lifestyle, early identification and intervention” measures, to be introduced in 2017-2019 include “Support for primary care to manage worklessness and support people with Long Term Conditions back into employment.”
Community mental health teams are using the “employment is a health solution” buzzwords. STPs will act on  the mental health task force report [] that was prepared with the involvement of Mind – whose  chief executive lied to service-users and other disabled activists who protested about his charity’s close links with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
This is the thin end of the wedge for an under-the-radar transformation of the NHS into a copy of the US medicare system for people who can’t afford or are too poorly to get private health insurance.
This new STP NHS is designed to provide a restricted range of “care models” for cherry -picked patients that are the most cost-effective to treat.
It hides behind the euphemism “place-based care”:  private-public partnerships are being set up to deliver pre-determined healthcare for a defined population, in a specific area, on a per capita budget.
The STPs will hugely increase NHS privatisation – with the associated waste of NHS public funding on contracting and legal fees, the extraction of profit for shareholders, widespread tax dodging by private health companies, poorer terms and conditions for staff, the potential for fraud and corruption and the undermining of the publicly owned and run NHS, as it loses income that is diverted to private companies.
STPs are the government’s plan to loot the NHS.
Please put some spanners in the STP works, cause an uproar and make our elected representatives stand up for us and our NHS.
NHS campaigners need to take a leaf or two out of DPAC’s book and make sure they are both vocal and visual.
You can find Stop STP campaign materials and information here:
Stop the Sustainability and Transformation Plans facebook page
@STPAgonyAunt on twitter
While this is a one day protest the campaigning continues so write to your MP and Lobby your local councilors to make STP plans for your area public. Don’t allow our NHS to be wiped out in secrecy.


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