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Now is the time to change YOUR Mind

Dear Local Mind CEO,

You are no doubt aware that welfare benefits to mental health service users/survivors are seriously compromised by the government’s program of reducing the welfare state. The Mental Health Resistance Network (MHRN) believes that the government’s ultimate goal is to abolish the welfare state altogether, presumably to move towards private income and health insurance for those who can afford it and destitution for those who can’t.

At MHRN we are overwhelmed by cries for help from people who are distressed, many are suicidal, over the financial insecurity they face. Since charities are set to benefit from the privatisation of services and the program of disability denial, many are happy to collude with the government. Genuine mental health services are being replaced with bogus services that have the sole purpose of pushing people who are not fit to work off of benefits and onto a never ending job search carousel. Government contracts are being made available to charities before, one might guess, being offered to for profit companies a few years down the line. Charities like Mind are willing to cash in on these contracts, albeit that this may only be a temporary arrangement before they are opened out to the profit making market. Service users/survivors have nowhere else to turn than to campaigns like MHRN as we are trying to resist these attacks on them, they no longer trust Mind to speak out against the decimation of the benefits system.

Now that the benefit scrounger narrative has worn thin, the government is selling the idea of stripping people of benefits whilst bullying them into work by promoting the idea of a ‘work cure’. The assertion that employment is a health outcome for service users/survivors is a lie that was ratified by the Mental Health Taskforce with Paul Farmer as Chair. The theory that work is good for people with mental health issues originates in research carried out by the DWP along with the US insurance industry, most notably Unum from their base at the Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research at Cardiff University which they funded. Unum designed the Work Capability Assessment for the DWP but not before earning notoriety in America for the manner in which they were assessing disabled people in order to deny Income Protection insurance claims. The work cure theory, therefore, does not originate in independent research.

The term psychocompulsion has emerged at the same time as mental health services are starting to be delivered in Jobcentres.

The misuse of psychology to further Tory ideology is being resisted by some psychologists and therapists who say it is unethical. They do not want to be used as tools to push such Tory ideology.

At a recent protest by MHRN, Paul Farmer lied to protesters when he said that Mind was not interested in future government contracts. We now know that to be untrue.

It would seem that National Mind is interested in obtaining contracts for local Mind Associations to deliver ‘back to work’ services. Although some people who live with mental distress want to find employment; others do not feel that it would be helpful for them as they could not cope with it. That should be their choice. Bullying us to seek work, sometimes to the point of driving people to kill themselves, is persecution of a shocking nature and this national scandal is currently being played out in Britain.

Any mental health charity that participates in pushing people off of benefits or leads us to fear the loss of our benefits does not represent people in mental distress. We urge you to act by disaffiliating from National Mind and joining us in resisting pressure to submit to government policies that are driving people to despair and suicide. Please raise these issues with your board of trustees. In years to come people will look back on the current persecution of disabled people as a time of great shame in British history. Please don’t allow yourself to be part of it; we will never forget.

MHRN has vowed to fight Mind all the way as Mind seeks contracts that will harm us. We will protest, organise boycotts, educate and inform service users/survivors and speak out in public and to the press.

As you meet in Milton Keynes on 29th November, you may well discuss the lie of the work cure even though we tell you that work will not set us free. At this time, Tom Pollard, a senior manager at National Mind, is working with the DWP to fine tune how Mind can benefit from the persecution of people in mental distress while at the same time appearing to be helping us, claiming Mind can mitigate the worst of the persecution. Persecution is persecution; there is no less bad persecution, you should be speaking up against it, not colluding with it. We will not be fooled and we will do all we can to ensure that our fellow service users/survivors will not be fooled either.

Please consider what you, as a local Mind Association, can do to participate in the resistance rather than benefit from the persecution. Frankly, it would be better that Mind did not exist at all than be party to the harassment of anyone in mental distress.


Yours sincerely and, we hope, in solidarity,

Denise McKenna




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  3 Responses to “Letter from MHRN to 150 local Mind charities: Now is the time to change YOUR Mind”

  1. A few years ago I lost an appeal for ESA and had to sign on. I became Psychotic because of the pressure and later made a successful claim.
    Whilst applying for work on Universal Jobsearch I was honest about my mental health condition and was accused of trying to deter employers by doing do. I was told by the advisor not to include it on job applications. Of course, I argued that they needed to know as, if employed this would be a health issue for me but, she would have none of it.
    The whole system is despicable.

  2. l gree never for get the evil torys or trying the Kill. Us all we must stick to gether l no its very very very difficult with the bullying and it’s taking us all to dark places But We Have To Stick Gether Like Glue to

    • I agree completely with you Stu. This is nothing but collusion at the highest level. It is the definition of work that really annoys me. There has to be simple, clear legislation to enforce employers to take on the disabled. Not for lower wages, not the best and brightest but also take into account every single individuals needs. Whether it be Mental health or physical disabilities, or both. There are those who will never work but most want to work. That is the problem. Nothing this government do will work as long as employers do not employ disabled people. No matter what Charities do it is doomed to failure right from the start. It is amazing that 1 percent of those on the wrag group got employment. What type of employment, what disability they had is not clear. For how long is also not stated. I believe that these charities as is stated, are out to make a profit to the detrement of the very people they say they are helping. Artificial Intelligence is going to make millions redundant, jobless and some on the scrap heap of life and those will be able bodied people. Where will the disabled be in those statistics? They will be very low down the scale, if not at the very bottom of it. What will the charities do then? Continue to take tax payers money, create false statistics and allow even more disabled people to die? If the wrag administrators the dwp can’t get disabled people jobs. What makes charities like Mind think they could do better? They can’t and won’t. It is simply a diversion from reality. A pretence by them to make money. Not for their charity but to keep those at the top in the manner they are accustomed to.

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