Dec 062016

Miriam Binder from Brighton DPAC is interviewed on why she supports the RMT strike on Southern rail (start at 4 minutes into the video). You can read more about her support for this campaign here. Many thanks also to the drivers, conductors and crew members at Brighton Station who have held a collection for DPAC .


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  One Response to “Miriam Binder explains why disabled people should support the Southern Rail Strike”

  1. Where was the guard when Paula Peters a major DPAC campaigner was verbally abused when she asked an able bodied couple to give up designated seating for people with Disabilities.
    Conductors are guards and many vulnerable people DO look to them for some level of protection from an ever rising criminal element.
    For the love of all that is sacred Southern Railways PLEASE do listen to the public as you are publicly recorded as having pledged to do so.

    Bright Yule Blessings to all ~

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