Apr 102016

Operation #ToryDump is working – there are a growing number of Tory MPs, who voted for the ESA Cut who have had to resign from their roles in local and national disability charities.

List of Dumped Tory MPs to date

Also ……

and …….

MP, Link to Charity, and Charity contact information.



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  6 Responses to “Operation ToryDump Update – we’re winning, keep up the pressure #NameAndShame”

  1. Chris Grayling MP

    The ‘Lest We Forget’ Association

  2. Andrea Leadsom, Tory MP for South Northamptonshire … 10 years working as a Charity Trustee of OXPIP, the Oxford Parent Infant Project. Nothing charitable about her whatsoever.

    • The national charity Rethink Mental Illness gave Andrea Leadsom an award for challenging negative attitudes … perhaps they need to rethink and tell her she is no longer deserving of such an award.

  3. What benefit do Tory MPs get by being patrons of health charities? Do they get paid? it surely can’t heighten their moral standing as these MPs also voted for the wefare reform act and the brutal sanctions regime which has directly led to the deaths of some of societies most vulnerable
    maybe they want to be seen as supporting these charities whist stabbing the people they report to represent in the back with theESA cuts and social care cuts how hypocritical of the Tories.James abram

  4. Excellent stuff – I have pressed a link to this progress report on to aspiblog.wordpress.com

  5. http://www.limbcare.org/patrons.html#

    Dr Phillip Lee MP Representing Bracknell Patron of Limbcare, a Charity of Amputees

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