Mar 152016
DPAC Members protest outside awaiting Zac Goldsmith

DPAC Members protest outside awaiting Zac Goldsmith. Zac has been sacked as Patron of charity Richmond Aid for his vote to cut ESA

The resignation of IDS and replacement by Stephen Crabb as DWP Minister changes nothing as far as this campaign goes. While Tory MPs use disability charities for cover while voting to harm disabled people we will keep persuing them. Keep up the pressure on the charities to cut all ties with Tory MPs who voted for the cut to ESA

There is an Operation ToryDump Tweetlist that you can use to lobby charities on Twitter

Here are the MPs who voted for the ESA Cut that we’ve been able to identify (with your help) that have roles with disability charities.  There are many more to add, so keep checking back to this page. We will try to keep running updates on the progress with each Charity.

When you contact the Charities – keep it civilised – we don’t want to get accused of intimidation – for instance you could just ask them if you feel that XYZ MP is a fit and proper person to be a Trustee/Patron/President of their charity given that MP has just voted to cut ESA payments to disabled people.

MP, Link to Charity, and Charity contact information.

Latest Additions Friday March 18th @ 3.30pm-ish

List of Dumped Tory MPs to date

Also ……


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  35 Responses to “Op #ToryDump Lobby Disability Charities to reject #ESACut MPs (10pm 22/3) #NameAndShame”

  1. Flick Drummond @flickd is my Portsmouth MP. She has consistently supported the cuts to benefits. She is a volunteer at the Portsmouth Foodbank and uses this in her campaign material. I’ve contacted the Foodbank about the possible conflict between her handing over food to those in need and the fact that she happily and consciously cut their support. I’m not sure how I would feel if I had to use a Foodbank and the person giving me the support, and gaining political capital out of it, was a person who had reduced my benefits for ideological reasons.

  2. Tom Tugendhat, MP for Tonbridge & Malling is Vice Chairman of Mencap Maidstone. On his Twitter & Facebook you can find him grinning inanely for Spinal Injuries ‏and Dementia Friends.

  3. Suggest you add #nameandshame to the post as that is the hashtag that many use

    • thanks Rick – it was on there – but I had to save space for the 140 on twitter – I’ve jiggled things around and put it back in now

  4. Simon Kirby is also a patron of The Carers Centre in Brighton and Hove

  5. Apparently Amber Rudd resigned from the Snowdon Trust on 15/2/2016. Preemptive action?

  6. They all getting found out now but they will try to tell more lies to try and get out of if when Wily people relies they or just bunch of liers

  7. They all getting found out now but they will try to tell more lies to try and get out of if when Wily people relies they or just. Mass murders

  8. Simon Kirby is also a patron of the Sussex and Kent ME/CFS society.

  9. Greg Clark MP is also a Patron of Headway in West Kent:- . Headway @Headwayuk have their heads in the sand at the moment!

  10. This is Mencap’s mealy-mouthed response as well –

    The following statement has been issued by the Trustees of Pembrokeshire Mencap.

    Following publicity regarding Royal Mencap Societies views on the Employment Support Allowance, inquiries have been made of Pembrokeshire Mencap Society.
    The Pembrokeshire Mencap Society is a stand alone charity, albeit affiliated to the Royal Mencap Society and committed to the same values.We are aware of the views of other similar charities, and their actions will be discussed by the Trustees at our next meeting. The Society has had a long association with, and enjoyed the support of our local MPs, of whatever party has been in power. There are bound to be occasions when some of the members will have different views to those of our patrons. The current legislation will be discussed in due course and our views expressed to our patron if thought necessary. A spokesman thought it would not be in the Society’s interests to ask Mr Crabb to resign.

    Makes you wonder just how much these ‘charities’ are really in it for the vulnerable and/or disabled or whether they see themselves purely as ‘businesses’?

  11. All these mps are patrons of some terrible disability or disorder that so many precious and such true people suffer from in our country .That’s why I find it so disgusting that they are,because they care nothing whatever about the real disabled people. Only themselves, and their fellow rich friends that they mix with.they are a joke!!!!

  12. According to his website. Conservative MP for Sutton and Devonport in Plymouth, Oliver Colville is Chairman of the Plymouth Health Watchdog. He also voted for the cuts to ESA.

  13. Disgraceful response by Ups and Downs Southwest – Defending both the ESA cuts and the change to /assessment process for PIP. They even suggest that disabled people will have a choice!!

  14. Therese Coffey – MP for Suffolk Coastal – and Peter Aldous – MP for Waveney – are both patrons of the East Coast Hospice charity which provides palliative care for terminally ill patients. They both voted for the cuts.

  15. The hideous Priti Patel is the local Patron for Brainwave

  16. The hideous Priti Patel is the local Patron for Brainwave

  17. Pembrokeshire

    Stephen Crabb MP and Secretary of State for Wales, and Simon Hart MP, are patrons of Pembrokeshire Mencap

    and both voted for the ESA Cuts.

  18. Sir Peter Bottomley is also Chair of the all party group for M.E. And on his website lists his unpaid interests as including chairing the Church of England Children’s Society, being a trustee of Christian Aid, of NACRO and of MIND. He also states he founded the Family Forum.

    Jacob Rees-Mogg is secretary of the all party group for M.E. A catholic renowned for his ability to filibuster. He supports zero hour contracts, opposes same sex marriage and an article in Independent states he failed to declare his interests prior to number speeches

  19. My MP Philip Davies voted for the cuts, I have not been able to find out if he has any ties to any Charites as yet. The fact that David Cameron is the president of Epilepsy Society and a patron of Motability just shows what a two faced Hypercritic he really is.

    • He is a member of Cardiac Risk in the Young. He is also the MP that said that should law that rented homes must have minimum standard of habitability. Plus he is king filibuster talking though the motion for free parking for disabled people at hospital and the recent NHS debate.

    • So very true, I agree with what you say so much.with suffering from epilepsy myself. And hve had my disability that was meant to be indefinitely took off from me x

  20. My MP Maria Caulfield voted for these cuts. On her website she states she is a supporter of the Macmillan Cancer Support Centre. She is actually a former cancer nurse herself! I have written to Macmillan to ask in what capacity she is a supporter. I have also explained my reasons for asking. I am yet to hear back. This duplicity has to stop.

  21. Have just posted a link to this piece on (as well as sharing on fb and twitter) and hope that this gets the attention it fully deserves. My own local MP, Sir Henry Bellingham, claims to be involved with various local groups including charities and he voted in favour.

  22. Daniel Kawczynski Shrewsbury & Atcham is patron of @fightforsightUK he voted for cuts to ESA

    He has never answered an email from me, never have I been rude swore etc in any email I’ve sent.

    The only time he has voted against the Govt was early in the gay marriage debates,until it became obvious those for the legislation would win, he came out as bisexual and voted for the legislation, he is also the 13th highest expense claiming MP

  23. Helen Whately MP has just agreed to join a taskforce involving the Royal National Institute of Blind People, the British Deaf Association, Action on Hearing Loss, the National Federation for the Blind, People First, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities, Sense and Mencap to “…make sure that the voice of people with learning disabilities is heard in Government.”

    Helen Whately voted for cuts to ESA.

  24. We will be writing to each charity to express the need for solidarity with the MP’s who have unjustly been sacrificed in the name of rabid left wing reactionary groups, who do not represent the people of this country. After many months of silence we feel that we must come back out and defend Maria again, the architect of disability reforms and hence forth we shall go !

    Maria understands autism is difficult and that people with autism can become reliant on routines. This is why we support Maria in deciding to change people with autism’s routine from getting £30 a week extra to motivating them to look for work. This money may be transferred to a provider who can help someone with autism understand that this money has gone to their organisation (Serco,G4S Working Links, Maximus who work in partnership with Remploy LTD ) by explaining to them that they need to be motivated into a new routine that involves being productive. Of course Maria understands the difficulties with communication, that people with autsim face and we are sure that these challenges shall be overcome as the new routines are rolled out. Maximus took over Atos, providing assessments for placing people into Either Fit for Work group, Work related activity group or Support Group.We are sure that there is no conflict of interest between the Maximus and Remploy LTD partnership that Maria was instrumental in setting up.…/maria-miller-pledges-s…

  25. Dr Tania Mathias, MP for Twickenham, is an opthalmologist who voted for the cuts. She has in the past been praised by a local charity called United Response for speaking in Parliament on the need to enable more people with disabilities to participate fully in public life. She was also doing a photo-op with Twickenham MIND only the other day! I’ve put a polite message on United Response’s facebook page.

  26. Sam Gyimah – MP for East Surrey is Vice President of the Young Epilepsy charity. He voted for the cuts.
    (David Cameron likewise is a Vice President of the same organisation, who didn’t have to vote for the cuts because his MPs did it for him)

    • It’s a joke he is a president of epilepsy, when Cameron is destroying people’s lives who suffer with severe epilepsy like me.such a joke!

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