Feb 172015

We know that IDS’ Universal Credit has been a disaster in wasted costs and scrapped IT. The hallowed tax payer ( i.e poor people not the wealthy who have a set of schemes to avoid tax) have footed the bill for this.

We know that lives have been destroyed, people left without cash, mounting rent arrears, and have lost their homes too- the system is not fit for purpose.

Channel 4 are now doing a program on Universal Credit and how it has affected those it was supposed to help. Please let them know your experiences to give this destructive folly and its impacts a public airing.

Contact: Sarah Hay

email: sarah.hey@ninelivesmedia.co.uk

Tel: 0161 832 2007 or mobile 07976 413 823


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  2 Responses to “Your experience of Universal Credit?”

  1. Universal Credit im hoping,,its going to be abolished!!!!!!!!!!!!. i was lied too so it seems by being told they would sanction all money including the housing allowance part???. Ive since been told this is not true but everyones saying different things!!!. BEWARE.

  2. dont want to be on tv,but I’m working at a job i made myself on internet doing short translations – via sites where you bid all day . I genuinely DO sit at computer all day and evening to get work.
    I get local housing allowance.
    Average wage is ~ £70 a week, BUT i’m paid in dollars, euros, swiss francs and pounds.
    Some people pay in 1 week, others in 1 month or 60 days after you send an invoice.
    I was on JSA, and declaring earnings each week on B7 forms to start with, BUT system couldnt cope with that and my money kept getting cut off.

    Exchange rates mean I do a job when euro was worth 82 pence, but by time I get paid its worth 75 – how the hell is UC going to work for me?
    Also people in other eu countries are caught up in chains of debt, and some simply dont pay at all – court of jurisdiction is always in their country, so you just have to kiss it goodbye.

    My view is I should be paid £ x a week all year, then pay back what I’ve been overpaid when I have a full years set of bank statements (all moneygoes via bank account anyway) BUT they tell me that when I’ve been underpaid (as i was last year by ~ £12 a week), there is no way for them to refund the difference so my family have to lend the money! HMRC however, doesnt treat those loans as a business debt!

    Really screwed up system.

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