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15 Jan 2015 — The Health Service Executive ( HSE ) continue to deny Anthony’s Human Rights, whilst paying €1000 per day, from the public purse, to fund private institutional abuse.

Anthony’s struggle for Independent living has been rejected by HSE, yet again.

Following an official mediation process. The details of that process are subject to a confidentiality agreement, which all participants signed.

I can however, disclose that a legally binding agreement, that evolved within that mediation process, signed by both parties: that HSE would provide a written response to Anthony’s family on 7th January 2015, was broken by HSE, who decided to give their bizarre verdict one week later on 14th January 2015.

In addition the HSE Area Manager signed an agreement prior to the mediation that HSE would cover All costs and expenses of the mediation. HSE subsequently reneged on this agreement, by refusing to pay the travelling and subsistent expenses for people supporting Anthony.

Area Manager of HSE gave no explanation.

The actions of HSE has demonstrated yet again the contempt and lack of integrity of a senior HSE manager, for due process and their disreputable behaviour in refusing to abide by their signed agreement, to cover all costs of mediation.

The HSE have also demonstrated a total disregard to Anthony by choosing to accept the voice of highly paid professionals, whilst refusing to accept Anthony’s own voice, and his preferences ,which have been consistently supported by his parents, who continue call for independent living.

The struggle for Anthony’s right to independent living will continue.

HSE have previously incarcerated Anthony in Redwood Institution, for three months assessment. during this time Anthony was abused, by highly paid professionals, by using anti-psychotic medication and refusing Anthony his right to attend His own case conference. Redwood has recently been exposed in the media following a detailed External Inspection Report, where there were major failings in Redwood to maintain acceptable standards of care for the residents.

The Redwood Inspection Report: https://hiqa.ie/system/files/inspectionreports/2433-27-September-2014.pdfn

Redwood was the centre we complained about to Senior Managers at HSE, during Anthony’s incarceration. The HSE managers stated that Redwood was a “Centre of Excellence”, with a highly expert multi disciplinary team, such language is used to camouflage abusive practice. It was one of those very same HSE senior nursing managers, who was part of the abuse of Anthony at Redwood, and making the same grandiose, statements about Nua Residential Healthcare institution. Nua healthcare in UK have had similar inspection failings in the UK reported by the Care Quality Commission. ( CQC)


HSE continue to pay Nua Healthcare Institution a reported fee of €1000 per DAY to incarcerate Anthony. ( Nua and HSE refuse to disclose the exact figure, which I am informed could be a great deal more)

Anthony’s incarceration in a private residential institution, illustrates the
hypocrisy of HSE in Ireland, who publicly advocate “independent and community based living” for disabled people, when in fact they are colluding with Private institutions and handing over large sums of money from the public purse to institutionalise and segregate disabled people, from their local community.

This is about public institutions squandering public money to fund private greed at the expense of disabled people. This morally corrupt relationship has to be exposed and ended.

We need your continued support to purse this important campaign to free Anthony.

The HSE continue to threaten Court action against the family.

I will continue to work independently for Anthony, as his friend and advocate exposing the abuse of Anthony at Nua Institution and question the connivance of HSE to allow this abuse to continue.

I present The Health Service Executive, in Ireland, their team of solicitors, Nua Healthcare Institution, Redwood Extended Care Institution with an invitation, if they believe, I have made any inaccurate statement/s in relation to the abuse of Anthony Kletzander, whilst in NUA or Redwood, they have my contact details and they should take any legal proceedings against me they consider appropriate. I am willing to be subjected to questioning in the Irish Courts.

I also invite staff working past or present, in Nua Healthcare Institution and Redwood Extended Care Institution, to contact me, in confidence, to share any concerns they may have about institutional life of disabled people.

To all of those supporters of Anthony please distribute this information far and wide to your friends and networks concerned about such abuse.

I desperately need your contributions to pay for legal support, to stop the abuse of Anthony Kletzander. Every £1 will help. You can donate via this link https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/0tLga/tw/247RT2

In addition if you know of other example of abuse in residential care, let us find a way to expose it and stop it.

Thank you,
Joe Whittaker
Friend and Advocate with Anthony Kletzander.


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  3 Responses to “Anthony Kletzander – Update from Joe Whittaker 15th January”

  1. We are delighted to inform all Anthony’s supporters that The Health Service Executive have agreed, on Friday 6th April 2015, to fully support Anthony’s return to sustainable independent living.

    Discussions have already started with ‘Possibilities Plus’ in Dublin to manage Anthony’s support requirements, each of which will be directed by Anthony. Anthony will be selecting his own accommodation, with his own staff to start again his lifestyle in his local community, with a view to further university study and reconnecting with his friends at Quiet Riot in, Manchester.

    We want to thank all Anthony’s friends for their active support.The success of this campaign would not have happened without this support – thank you to everyone of you.

    We want to thank, in particular, Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) for their commitment and guidance, who were not deterred by the threat of legal action against DPAC website for publishing details of abuse against Anthony.

    Now the hard work starts to ensure we listen and listen and listen again to Anthony to ensure his Rights are fully realised.

    Joe Whittaker
    friend and Advocate of Anthony Kletzander.

  2. typical the tories won’t be happy till all disabled people are back in workhouses away from public gaze

  3. A major element of this struggle is getting the right legal support. Statutory services and professional bodies will have access to significant funds to get appropriate support. This is not the case for disabled people or their family’s.

    There needs to be more accessible free legal support, without this How can there be justice?

    It is also important to make sure your solicitor is prepared to listen to you and recognise you and the injustice you have experienced or are experiencing to be central for the service you are wanting from the solicitor. We had to “sack” one Barrister, who was charging £1000 per day or part thereof, but had not read the papers and reports, we had carefully and systematically organised for him. Like any professional body, in my view, it is only as good as their willingness to serve.

    When you have Contracted professional support you cannot simply “hand over” responsibility, it is important to note you have to manage and monitor that support.

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