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At a time when MPs have asked for an inquiry into the £1million bonus paid to Motability Operations CEO Mike Betts which he received on top of his half million pound salary it seem particularly cruel that he should be seen to be deserving of such a massive sum of public money when severely disabled people who need vehicles from the Special Vehicle Fund are being told their needs are too costly and unsustainable so they will no longer be eligible for grants from the scheme and therefore unable to replace vehicles which are essential to their independence. here 
You could well be forgiven for asking what exactly does the Motability Operations CEO do to attract such a high bonus given that Motability has both a captive market and no competition? That is indeed what MPs are trying to ask.
While we all know the facts about thousands of disabled people losing their vehicles due to changes to DLA entitlement Motability have without any consultation or even any public announcement changed their grant making conditions for funding for drive-from-wheelchair vehicles from the Special Vehicle  Fund claiming that this is financially unsustainable.
This change may not affect as many disabled people overall as the changes to PIP but for those deemed undeserving and unworthy of such funding it is a massive blow to independence and will, as most cuts seem to, prevent disabled people getting an education, getting and keeping employment and being able to take part in society in the same way non-disabled people can. Also of course we should remember that nothing from Motability is really free and that all or part of people’s Motability Allowance has to be paid to them to cover the costs of the hire of vehicles.
So how have their criteria changed well now only those who are seen as deserving will be eligible to apply for a grant, needs have not been considered. Given that Motability patrons include Cameron, Osborne and IDS who qualifies as deserving should come as no surprise to anyone. You must be in employment, education or volunteering for at least 12 hours a week or have a child under 14 years of age to be deemed worthy.
The issues of need do not calculate in Motability’s assessment of entitlement : things like do you have to travel with a hoist, and bulky equipment, do you live in a rural area with little or no public transport, can you actually use an accessible taxi and is there one in your area are factors which Motability seem happy to ignore.
If you want any further information about these secret cuts that Motability have made from June 1st this year email the director Declan O’Mahony at


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