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Richard A. Montoni – the boss of US firm Maximus who will soon be carrying out the despised assessments for sickness and disability benefits – received a salary and compensation package worth over a staggering five million dollars in 2013.

Maximus specialise in

Maximus specialise in outsourced government contracts.  They already run Iain Duncan Smith’s disastrous Work Programme in some parts of the UK, along with a new scheme to harass people on sick leave by declaring them fit to return to work on the back of a short phone call.  As well as operating in the US, Canada and Australia, Maximus also have a welfare-to-work contract with the Saudi Arabian government – where women are segregated in the workplace and forbidden from carrying out many jobs.  From March next year they will take over from Atos running the Work Capability Assessments (WCAs) designed to strip benefits from sick or disabled people.  These crude computer based tests have caused horrifying suffering and led to homelessness, ill health and tragically even suicides as people with serious health conditions are found fit for work and left without enough money to eat or keep the heating on.

Montoni is not the only one benefiting from a huge salary at the expense of tax payers around the world.  Maximus have been criticised in the US after it was revealed their top excecutives received compensation packages of $41,808,585 between 2008 and 2012.  According to Forbes, Montoni himself received a salary and share packages worth $5,136,321 in 2013.  With that kind of money on the table is it any wonder they have the morals of sewer rats?

Montoni is a hands on kind of boss, recently appearing in a DWP press release congratulating himself at swindling the UK government into handing him millions of pounds of our money.  The WCA contract is expected to be worth around half a billion, a chunk of which will end up in his pocket.  Whilst the Government this week attempts to stir up hatred towards asylum seekers fleeing war zones, here they are handing a fortune to some American fucking Dallas   reject who doesn’t even live in the UK.  Hate this smug bastard, because it is the rich who are stealing the world, not the poor.


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  2. another money grabbing shit….well what ATOS did was bad enough….if this shit cant behave then it must go…we did it to ATOS and so they can go the same way…WE WILL BE WATCHING.

  3. Bob we need to convey to the public we are at war, total war. The elite are well capable of coping with us squaking about the injustices they impose upon us for their evil gain. It is they who create the social constructs that delude us into thinking we have any democratic power where all it does is draw our sting. They have secrecy, communication ,capital funds and unity of purpose. these are age old devices that work to dominate and enslave the populace. We will get nowhere until we adopt the same strategies, we must coerce, lie, betray.the elite control the media and all services of surveillance. They are not just ahead of the game, they create the game ! Our only way forward is effectively anarchy, unplanned in order none can penetrate and manipulate as so often has happened. No claims, no announcements, random and chaotic cellular units operating. Innocents will suffer,that is the cost of bringing down the guilty sadly.. It may seem tangental to the issues but I suggest concentrate on the banking system as the primary objective and recruit on the dark web ! Please all who view this article do not underestimate the situation, we are at war and have been a long time, no conspiracies, it`s here, now by evidence and experience.As is said, something “wicked this way comes”

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