Oct 162014

Can you donate 50p to DPAC’s work?


We all know the attacks we’re all facing as disabled people and next year in the run up to the General Election we want to make sure that the 11 million disabled people and their families get their voices heard by politicians. But to do that we need money for a battle bus tour, leaflets, and other publicity costs and events. The grant we hoped to get to cover these costs was turned down on the grounds that our campaigning would be ‘too political’ We want to remain too political and ungagged in spite of the gagging laws introduced to silence campaigners by the Condems and to make sure all of our voices are heard.

We’re now left with no other choice but to ask you, our supporters, if you could donate 50p towards our plans for next year so that we can afford to make sure disabled people’s concerns are heard loudly and clearly.

You can donate to us via paypal on our website www.dpac.uk.net or directly via BACs to Disabled People Against Cuts 08-92-99 account number 65454743.

Brief summary of cuts we face.

A recent Demos report from April 2013  ‘Destination Unknown’ shows that hundreds of thousands of disabled people will be hit simultaneously by up to six different welfare cuts. This does not include cuts to care and support funding in addition.

By 2018 disabled people will have lost £28.3 billion of financial support affecting up to 3.7 million disabled people.

The losses come against a backdrop of flat-lining incomes and spiralling costs of living for disabled people, for whom daily life already costs more. At the same time it’s becoming harder for disabled people to be part of the community.

Councils – facing average budget cuts of more than 28% – have been forced to ration social care support leaving as many as 40% of disabled people without help to get up, get washed, get dressed and go out.                   

 Benefit and other attacks.                            


  • Scrapping of Incapacity Benefit and failure of Work Capability Assessments.
  • Loss of right to appeal and Mandatory Reconsiderations during which time disabled people are left with no income for an unspecified length of time.
  • Legal Aid and advice and advocacy centre cuts.
  • 1% cap on benefit rises
  • Time limitation for Contributory ESA of WRAG
  • Freezing child benefit
  • Overall Benefit Cap
  • Scrapping of Disability Living Allowance and introduction of Personal Independent Payment
  • Universal Credit
  • Abolition of Independent Living Fund and cuts to social care funding.
  • Bedroom Tax and Changes to Local Housing Allowance.
  • Discretionary Housing Payments only given to 1 in 3 disabled people.
  • Uprating and cuts to Tax Credits
  • Localisation and at least 10% cut for Council Tax Benefit
  • Cuts to Access to Work funding
  • Loss of access to inclusive education.
  • Loss of free bus travel.
  • Reductions in MH services across the board.
  • Growth in Food Bank usage.
  • Increasing Fuel Poverty.





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  3 Responses to “Can you donate 50p to DPAC’s work?”

  1. More than happy to donate something (£5 by PayPal) I am Chair of and involved as much as possible with Norfolk DPAC and other campaigning groups locally (helping people sanctioned at DWP) but we don’t have many people involved with DPAC here, so want to support you all I can. Even after next May, we are going to have to continue fighting hard and campaigning as I don’t think anything good is going to happen anytime soon. Of course, like many of us, I don’t have lots of energy/good enough health to do as much as I’d like and I also have to help out with Grandchildren due to their parents disability and family break up.

    In solidarity always,

    Marion, Norwich

  2. You left one out on the list.

    What about the criminal acts of the DWP

    who are disregarding the law and NOT

    calculating overpayment amounts correctly

    which is leading to money being demanded from benefit claimants

    which they have not been over payed.

    it happened to me.

    I was extorted out of money by DWP

    they never answered my questions concerning how they calculated the alleged overpayment

    I payed them what they wanted and had to get into debt to do so.

    the court did not care two hoots if the amount was correct they just asked the prosecutor

    1. how much is it and
    2. did I pay it back.

    please put this on your list.

    ALSO when I appealed the overpayment amount and the closing of my benefit claims

    the DWP told the appeal tribunal clerk that I had not appealed within the time limit.

    I DID appeal within time and I had the letter to prove it and sent it to the court clerk who had requested the proof but the clerk wrote back and said I had sent it to late and the case was closed.

    Surely the DWP decision maker has all correspondence you send them or dose it just go missing I thought they scanned everything onto your file when they receive it ??

    That dose not erase the FACT that the DWP decision maker lied to the court but now its all just brushed under the carpet.

    isn’t it funny how they can prosecute you with no time limit but you have only a very short time to appeal and respond to the court clerk.

    it seems that if your accused of benefit fraud then it dose not matter how you are treated by the DWP decision makers.

    what can I do to get justice can anyone advise me please.

    My e-mail: 8b2e0d76@opayq.com

  3. I’ve made a small donation – only wish it could have been more – Good Luck

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