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 Hello comrades 

ALLFIE  (the Alliance for Inclusive Education) would like to put together some short and snappy videos on disabled peoples experiences of having Disabled Students Allowance and the impact it has had in helping them benefit from higher education on our lovely website – 

In particular we would like to focus on inclusion and participation whilst recognising that for some disabled students having the DSA means the potential of getting higher grades or getting a qualification whilst studying at university.  Also it be great to hear how DSA has supported disabled students who benefited from higher education even if they have not ‘passed’ their course.  

We would like to interview disabled people (young and old!) who  are thinking twice about going to university as a result of Government’s DSA reforms.

If anyone wants to know more about the DSA reforms please follow the link – http://www.allfie.org.uk/   Please scroll down to ALLIFE’s june briefing. 

If you are going to be around for the ILF tea party on Friday  – please let me know as I will have a small video camera to do the interview with.    I will be wearing an ALLFIE teashirt.     If you want to have a chat please ring me on 0207 737 6030 during Tuesday and Thursday.

 See u there, Simone Aspis.


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  2 Responses to “Disabled Students Allowance – looking for your stories!”

  1. Mark, that’s great can you please contact Simone Aspis Alliance for Inclusive Education – email address simone.aspis@allfie.org.uk / tel number 0207 737 6030.

  2. Without having access to Disabled Students Allowances I would have been unable to even consider undertaking an undergraduate programme. Not only because it allowed me to purchase the equipment (PC etc) that I needed to complete my assignments, but more importantly it allowed me to have access to a facilitator/notetaker without which I would not have even been able to attend lectures or seminars. It is therefore down to the DSAs, along with my own fantastic academic ability obviously, that I was the only student in my year/subject to graduate with a first class honours degree. University of East Anglia 2002. #SaveTheDSA

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