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Next Action – this Friday 4th of July – join us


Since the attempt by ILF users, DPAC, Occupy London and UK Uncut, to set up an occupy camp in the grounds of Westminster Abbey on Saturday was prevented by a disproportionate police response and a total lack of respect and support bordering on cowardice by the Church of England, we  (ILF users,  DPAC, Occupy and UK Uncut) have been inundated my messages of support in person, on social media and via email.

There are far too many messages to include, but here are a sample:

Congratulations to all the protestors. A brilliant protest.
Please send my support to DPAC –   Whilst unable to be there in person I am there n spirit and have chanted for your strength.   Please tweet and send this email our.   Simone Aspis XXXX

To all at Westminster Abbey fighting back for the ILF and against the vicious Tory assault on disabled people you have my respect and my solidarity. Unite and fight to win!

Mark Dunk,
Unite the Resistance steering group
& Unite member

A brave demonstration against the severity of the political attacks on us and a brave response, hundreds, thousands who could not be in London watched and supported via online & social media. It really is one for all and all for one. What the Save ILF Occupiers did was for all us, the spirit that defeated Fascism in the 40’s is alive here and now.
Rick Burgess, Founder Member #NewApproach
Your doing a great job, it’s about time more people started to stand up and join in the fight, to stop the sick and disabled being repeatedly kicked by this god awful government.Sally
Good luck to the protesters.
You have my solidarity.Mike
Sorry not to have been available yesterday, but belated CONGRATULATIONS to all involved. The Dean of W’minster and the police showed themselves in an extraordinarily bad light and will have come away severely morally damaged.

Merry Cross
Proud to support such a landmark action.  A vicious Government, an horrific police deployment and a cowardly Church vs people demanding something so basic and just.  This is the kind of action that can change how people think and act.  Congratulations and deepest respect.

John Clarke, Activist with OCAP Toronto
John James McArdle, Black Triangle Campaign

There have been videos posted on Youtube:



But as much as we love the attention and the applause, its not about that.

Its about the people who stand to lose their freedom to live as others do if the Independent Living Fund is allowed to close.

 The Government don’t get that

The Church clearly don’t get that

But the massive support we’ve received shows that people do get that and that has given us renewed energy to keep on battling for the salvation of the ILF.

The church can try turning a blind eye. The government can keep trying to ignore us, but we’ll keep campaigning, through the courts, through daring and imaginative non-violent direct action, through the press and most of all, through your help.

Please keep supporting us and come and join us for a picnic and a little protest thrown in this Friday 4th of July https://dpac.uk.net/2014/06/july-4th-our-independent-living-day-party-and-picnic-london-and-around-the-country/


Shown below is a sample of the press coverage that this action generated:

And some of the Blog posts

And did you know there was an ILF Cartoon? and a Song? “The Battle of Whitehall Continues…..#SaveTheILF”

And then there is this excellent (as always) speech by John McDonnell MP in parliament yesterday:

You can read more about what happened during the action and about the reasons behind the decision to retire in the face of overwhelming force that day here

Finally we at DPAC wish to say a huge thank you to Occupy London and UK Uncut, for your fabulous support, we look forward to teaming up with you again !

…. and don’t forget

We don’t do Marches,

We don’t do Speeches,

We do Direct Action…… and Picnics!

Come and join us for a picnic and a little protest thrown in this Friday 4th of July https://dpac.uk.net/2014/06/july-4th-our-independent-living-day-party-and-picnic-london-and-around-the-country/


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