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Sanity in an era of rabid capitalism?


Date: Friday 7 February, 2014


Time: 6.30 doors open for 7pm start


A F.E.E.L. (Friends of East End Loonies) occasional event todiscuss abuses within the psychiatric system, what a humane asylum would be like and the wide range of alternatives.





Denise McKenna, Mental Health Resistance Network



Towards a social model of mental distress



A Local Trade Union activist



The impact of local authority & NHS cuts on


mental health services



Questions/comments from the floor



Venue:Kingsley Hall, corner Powis and Bruce Roads, E3 3HJ,


(Nearest tube stations: Bow Church and Bromley-By-Bow)



There will be an interval with music, poetry and refreshments.No entrance fee but donations will be welcome to cover costs.


FEEL is a democratic anarchic group in which people are encouraged to share what they need to say and to contribute what they can. It meets the 3rd Monday of the month at 6.30 pm at the LARC centre, 62 Fieldgate St E1 1ES. For more information call:


David: 020 7790 0269 or Myra on 020 7780 9038 email: f.e.e.l.campaign@googlemail.com



Humane Therapy not Drug Tyranny




Joanna Moncrieff says in her book, The Myth of the Chemical Cure, “My thesis in this book is that the disease-centred model of drug action has been adopted, and recently widely publicised, not because the evidence for it is compelling, but because it helped promote the interests of certain powerful social groups, namely the psychiatric profession, the pharmaceutical industry and the modern state.” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009 London)




We need a liberating movement to transform hospitals and Mental Health Units into humane asylums and to demand the full range of complementary and natural therapies including arts therapies (which a study has indicated is more effective than drug therapy) and talking therapy, and an end to pharmaco-custodial control.




F.E.E.L. – Friends of East End Loonies


Believe in empowering all people in the mental health system


Ending the chemical cosh


Supporting community mental health services


Encouraging more holistic therapies







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  26 Responses to “Sanity in an era of rabid capitalism? – F.E.E.L event – 7th February”

  1. “The largest food bank in Scotland, which exists to help feed the poverty stricken, has run out of food.”


  2. “Iain Duncan Smith’s election present for the Golden Oldies: Bye Bye bus pass and fuel payments”


  3. “In the matter of the investigation into the employment of Betsy Duncan Smith”


  4. “The Tories have learnt the lesson of Thatcher, that if you keep 42% of the English happy and feeling economically secure, and advantaged over the rest, then you can stay in power through the first past the post system.”


  5. “Welcome to the House of Circle”


    There is no stopping the tories, even if they get voted out NuLabour WILL do the same.

  6. “Cameron aide arrested in ‘child abuse imagery’ inquiry”


  7. “NHS England patient data ‘uploaded to Google servers’, Tory MP says”


  8. OT ?.

    “Jim Willie Bombshell: Saudi Royal Gold Ransacked in London to Prevent Default!”


  9. “A new policing operation in six London boroughs will treat homeless people like criminals with arrests, harassment and even destruction of personal property to be inflicted on those who cannot afford a home.”


  10. Everyone should read this, coming to the UK soon!.

    “Joel Hay: What’s wrong with American hospitals?”


  11. “Tenant evictions reach their highest level ever recorded”

    “Those belongings they could not pack were then left on the driveway in the rain.

    They and their two young children subsequently spent several weeks sleeping in their car.

    “There’d be the two boys in the back, under a couple of quilts. My wife would be up front here. And we’d eat in here,” he told the BBC.

    “The following morning, we’d go to McDonald’s, so the boys could brush their teeth and then go off to school.”

    Three months after the eviction, they have managed to get a single hotel room, but only have enough money for two more nights.

    They cook pasta in an electric kettle and warm up tinned food with hot water in the washbasin.”


  12. OT. ?

    “Never Trust a Photo Copier! (best resolution)”


    I hope DWP, etc, wipe their hard drives with all the people’s info on them!!!.

  13. “Throwing 13,000 families to the wolves”


  14. “By the passage of this rule, Tim Yeo’s company stands to benefit massively in terms of sales. Tim Yeo is a member of the Conservative Party. Boris Johnson (left) the London Mayor is also a member of the Conservative Party. ”


  15. Coming to the UK soon.

    “Obamacare herds the poor into Medicaid which requires some patients to forfeit homes or any assets they might have to the state to cover the cost of their medical care.”


    “What hungover Brits will wake up to tomorrow: Barclays caught in major new scandal”


  16. “Wall Street’s Frightening New Plan To Become America’s Landlord”


    “At Least Five Homeless People Froze To Death Last Week”


    “New York City Pantries Ran Out Of Food After Food Stamps Were Cut”


  17. “A sad day has arrived. There are now 1,000+ Food Banks open in Tory UK. Full list here:”


    Soon to be 2,000 methinks!.

  18. “It cost friends of government just £8.3 billion to get £53 billion in PFI returns”


    “NHS privatisation: Compilation of financial and vested interests.”


  19. “The Missing TRILLIONS: Where The RICH & MIGHTY Hide The CASH. Tax Havens EXPOSED”


  20. “1300 people on sickness benefit DEAD after being told to begin work related activities immediately admits IDS’s Dept”


    “Iain Duncan Smith’s 100 Biggest Failures.”

    “1. Despite all the rhetoric about cutting welfare spending, it has actually increased by £24 billion this parliament (evidence & evidence)”


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