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There are many different ways to be involved in the work of DPAC. All are equally valuable. We all have a role to play in campaigning for disabled people’s rights and a fair society, in whatever way we can from taking part in protests to tweeting, from administrative tasks to writing poems, from making banners to conducting research. Every contribution is important, formal or informal. Some ways to get involved are:


       Joining as a member. You will receive occasional urgent action and information updates from us and have the right to vote at our general meetings.


       Signing up to the website for regular information


       updates every time something new is added to our website.


       Following DPAC on twitter: @Dis_Ppl_Protest and Facebook or the quieter Facebook page

       Joining or setting up a local group. Local groups need to follow the DPAC constitution. Local activity is really important for raising awareness about the impact of austerity on disabled people and leading the way in the fightback. For a list of local groups see HERE

       Or contact


       Linking between DPAC and other campaigns and unions, for example Occupy, UK Uncut, the Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation, Reclaim the Power, Fuel Poverty Action, Boycott Workfare, the People’s Assembly, local anti cuts groups, local trades councils and trade unions branches.


       Joining or being involved in the running of campaign sub-committees. We currently have sub-committees at different stages of development in the following areas:

o   Atos and the Work Capability Assessment

o   Independent Living Fund

o   Access to Work

o   Reclaiming the Social Model of Disability

o   Disability, Art and Protest

o   Direct action

o   Inclusive Education

o   Communications and social media

o   Research

o   Local groups

o   Working with Disabled People’s Organisations – building a national voice

At the DPAC conference workshops will be held in each of the different campaigns and there will be a chance to sign up if you are not already involved.

       Being on the Steering group. At the conference we need to elect our steering group for the next year. There is more information about this below.

Steering group

One of the roles we have to make sure we run in a way that follows our aims and principles and is accountable to DPAC members is being on the Steering Group.

Being on the Steering Group is a big time commitment and is often a difficult job because there is so much to do.

For this reason in order to stand for nomination to the Steering Group we need people who can sign up to:

·         Minimum of 5 – 10 hours commitment per week


·         Corresponding regularly by and checking emails to stay in touch with developments and inputting to the development of DPAC initiatives


·         Co-ordinating particular areas of work, involving members widely and working with allies


·         Being involved in at least two sub-committees


·         Taking responsibility for either co-ordinating or providing an active and supportive link to at least two local groups


·         Representing DPAC at meetings, events and conferences sometimes at short notice


·         Working collectively and positively within a team of people with contrasting access needs


·         Following DPAC principles and values at all times:

o   Social model of disability

o   Rights not Charity

o   Inclusive Education (no ifs no buts)

o   Working within the broad left

o   Equal opportunities and social justice for all regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, disability, age, faith, employment status, resident status. No to scapegoating of any kind.


It is important we have a diverse steering group covering a range of impairments, equalities strands and areas of the country. We also recognise that due to fluctuating impairments people may need to step back from activity for temporary periods.

The current DPAC constitution sets the number of steering group members at 8 but the current steering group will be putting forward a motion at the conference for members to vote on enlarging the steering group to 12.

All those wanting to put themselves forward for the steering group must be full DPAC members. If you would like to put yourself forward for the DPAC Steering Group please send a 500-700 word statement to

 explaining why you would like to be on the Steering Group, how you are able to meet the commitment and any existing political/group affiliations before the 31st March 2014.

This text will be put on the DPAC web site-you do not need to be able to come to the DPAC conference on the 12th of April to be considered for election to the steering group, but we’d appreciate it if you could.


We’d like to say a big thank you to the past DPAC steering group for all their work, and invite them to apply again if they wish to


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  5 Responses to “Getting Involved with DPAC”

  1. I just wish I could help you more, however I am a member of DPAC and share your ideals. As I get older (I’m 71 going on 72) I work locally as Director/Trustee for Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living with a responsibility for Health and Safety. I also Chair the Leicester Disabled People’s Access Group, so locally I have my hands full Travelling great distances just makes my condition worse and it is never going to get any better. Thank goodness for my wheelchair.
    I will always support you from a distance, and I always read your e-mails so I am kept in the picture. It is very pleasing to know Debbie is on your Steering Group.
    Take care. Good luck ( not that you need it).

  2. Wowee ! Just got your invite to the conference this Saturday ! You guys & girls are fantastically creative I’m gobsmacked by what you have achieved on such a small membership fee. I am so overjoyed by seeing how far you have progressed the Disability movement since I 1st became involved in the late 70’s- early 80’s.
    As far as I am concerned you should all be re-elected on block (except for any negative or wannabe leader sort ) as it would disrupt your team effort .
    I have a lot to learn from you ! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a dynamic team.
    I am proud to say that I am a member of DPAC.
    R U all disabled people on the steering group ?
    I am a committee member of the North Wales Unite retired members section and responsible for Disability issues & communications . I am a registered disabled person still receiving the higher rate of DLA. I am 73 years young. Married to Pam my wife for 31 years with 3 children & 4 grandchildren.

    • Great to hear from you Victor! Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. In answer to your question: yes, all SG nominees politically identify as disabled people and all are committed to working as a team.

  3. hi, i’m from surrey and there isn’t a DPAC group in that area. I’ve participated alot with your fb group and the relating fb groups. I’m also in the first stages of creating a disability welfare and employment guidance service, so would love to work with and alongside you guys as you’ve done so many incredible things.

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