Sep 172013

DPAC’s brilliant Ellen Clifford speaking at at a fringe meeting at TUC Congress – 10th September 2013



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  2 Responses to “Trade Unions and Disabled People Fighting the Cuts”

  1. “Dutch King Willem-Alexander declares the end of the welfare state”

    “Youngest monarch in Europe says people must take responsibility for their own future and create their own social and financial safety nets”

    Under the 30 year rule the National Archives released documents concerning Thatchers Blueprint for the Dismantling of the Wefare State including the NHS.This is borne out by the employment of Nicholson by her and still overseeing those reforms take fruition.As I have stated in previous posts ‘they are all in it together’was by no means a flippant comment.When Blair came to power his first visitor to number 10 was Thatcher.Any Governments Radical Reformation takes decades to implement because of the very nature of the size of the task and the different Departments involved.Forget the Economic structure & the Deficits of Different Parties.The Financial Sector control our Economy & virtually everything else.Why is it that different Parties can jump into bed easily with another because the overall common purpose is the same.They don’t tell us to minimise resistence.BSB

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