Sep 172013

Based on the advice and guidance given by Just Fair Consortium members during the 11th July evidence gathering meeting, the Just Fair Consortium is currently working with disabled people and DPAC to produce a report examining the right to independent living in the austerity era. 

 Just Fair will launch the report in the Houses of Parliament in late November 2013.

 Within this remit, the report will analyse the following issues:

 * Personal Independence Payment (PIP);

* Under-occupancy penalty (“Bedroom tax”/”Spare room subsidy”);

* ‘Benefit cap’;

* Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and the Work Capability Assessment (WCA);

* Universal Credit;

* Cuts to social care; and

* Closure of the Independent Living Fund. 

 Disabled people are leading on all elements of the research and advocacy work, including selection of the report theme and sub-issues, submission of real-life case-studies, contribution of hard-hitting statistical analysis and presentation of testimony evidence at the November report launch. 

 DPAC have sent Just Fair a number of reports and case studies. We will keep you updated, in the meantime if you have anything you’d like included, please email us at:

The Just Fair website can be found at



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  One Response to “DPAC works with Just Fair on Independent Living Issues”

    A Class system does exist in Britain today whether Cameron admits it or not.The major problem is the Upper Class are Governing the majority which is Working Class.Unless there is total understanding of the needs of a Population Policies will be made without any consideration of the consequences they have ,which is exactly what is happening today.
    Forget wasting time on blaming Labour for our present Economic set of circumstances whatever they are that’s yesterdays news.
    You are there to serve us and this Country to the best of your ability,not to spend time displaying political sword fencing with the Opposition.
    Overwhelming evidence has been shown how your Austerity measures are not just unfair but immoral causing suffering and death through a French IT Company that hides behind the DWP and acts as a front for Medical Assessments.
    You are using the same criteria upon Jobseekers through Inappropriate Sanctions.The Bedroom Tax another total cop out of yours.Create jobs,Build more housing properly support those that need supporting.Benefit cheats- your admitting you cannot control a portion of the Economy never mind its whole.Cameron your BS and excuses have now run their course.BSB

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