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March 13th 12.30 pm outside front entrance Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand, London, WC2A 2LL



SAVE ILF BECAUSE WE’RE WORTH IT. Please join us if you can.


Funding for care and support for disabled people and especially for those with the most complex needs to live independently can come from 3 separate funding streams, social services, health and from the Independent Living Fund


“The Independent Living Fund is a ring fenced resource, for a priority group of just over 19,000 disabled people with high support needs that can provide a better lifestyle and outcomes for service users whose full needs would not be met by local authority funding. “


Unlike local authority and health care funding which tends to focus simply on keeping disabled people alive and clean the funding available from ILF helps disabled people to take part in society on an equal basis to non-disabled people.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and in particular

Article 19: “Living independently and being included in the community”, states that “disabled people have a right to live in the community; with the support they need and can make choices like other people do”.

The closure of the ILF  has obvious implications for the UK’s chances of meeting all such obligations. Most importantly for those disabled people who will lose this financial support they will lose any independence and choice in their lives. You can listen to how this vicious attack will affect disabled people at these links.








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  14 Responses to “Vigil to save ILF”

  1. Our related story, featured on Look North last Thursday 28th February, may be of interest.
    We have at present lost ILF funding. Our best wishes to those engaged in this campaign.

  2. I will see you on the day I’m disabled and a wheel chair user we will fight all the way you have my support 13th march
    12 30 pm

  3. it is disgusting what the goverment doing to people who are disabled i my self am disabled they are well out of order.most people need the money plus the disability transport plus other things david cameron needs to be chucked out doing more damage to this country

  4. I am sick to death of worrying about my benefits I feel powerless to do anything about it However we stopped the poll tax maybe we can stop some of these horrible cuts. I am not very healthy to march but maybe there is something I can do.. I was brought up in poverty so I don’t want to go back to it and I fear for my children/grandchildren.

  5. Stop this goverment stripping disabled people of their money that they have paid in taxes when they were working, we have rights too, this goverment are making the rich richer, and the poor even poorer we have got to stop this now

  6. As a couple both disabled, we are against the government trying to take money off the disabled, but giving the richest people tax cuts.

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