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Discretionary Housing Payments are to offset extra costs of so called Bedroom Tax but many local authorities are NOT advertising that this DHP is actually available. Yet the government is giving an extra 30 million pounds to LA’s specifically for this purpose. So for any disabled person facing a reduction in housing benefit due to having spare rooms please do pass on this link to the DWP guide for this year; http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/discretionary-housing-payments-guide-draft.pdf

There should be information and claim forms on your local council’s website.

DHPs pose some problems however

1. You normally have to reapply for them every 13 weeks

2. There is no guarantee how much you’ll get each time you apply.

3. There is no right of appeal if you are refused one BUT you can seek a Judicial Review against that decision if you qualify for legal aid or you can threaten it if you don’t.


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  1. How can I get a form to fill out?????PLEASE.x

  2. have applied for relief as my house is adapted ie stair lift walk in shower and several other adaptions. have rung council several times and they still say they cant reach decision yet as they are overloaded with applicants even though I applied in February. mean time the other side of their council are on my back that I owe 11 67 for one weeks shortfall.dont know what to do. any suggestions would be welcome.

  3. Suffer ptsd fear of having to move due to a spare room,can I clam it.

  4. I cannot leave my house due to my extreme agaraphobia, which has been the case for 3 years. I receive ESA and the lower rate of DLA. I have one spare room. Would I qualify for any discretionary housing payment. Thankyou

    • it will vary between councils and depend on how much money they have at any time. You have to re-apply for DHPs every 13 weeks normally, and sometimes you get them sometimes you don’t. You can challenge this via Judicial review if they refuse and you qualify for legal aid.

  5. It’s also worth noting that most councils have not even redesigned their application forms to adapt to the different information someone affected by the bedroom tax would need to submit. They were designed as short term awards and the existing forms reflect this. Anybody applying is advised to include a seperate letter explaining exactly how and why there is a shortfall. Please make sure you account for every penny you receive in benefit; I have it on good authority that if they think you have a spare tennet somewhere they will insist it goes on the bedroom tax. These people are not trained to understand the needs of sick and disabled people, it’s just a paper exercise to them. They are not meant to include DLA in their assessment of your available income but be aware that some decision makers may not know this.

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