Oct 302012
Katy Clark has just launched a new EDM on the ILF so it would be really helpful if people can pass this onto contacts and get people and organisations to ask their MPs to sign up to it. Contact your MP (you can find who they are at www.parliament.uk) and ask them to see you about this. If you need a home visit ask for one as a reasonable adjustment. Otherwise send them an email or write to them.

If you have a website could you advertise it there as well please.

EDM 651: Independent Living Fund

That this House deplores the Government’s proposal to close down theIndependent Living Fund which currentlyfacilitates 19,373 of those with the highest support needswith theright to live in the community with choices equal to others, and their full inclusion and participation in the community, as anticipated by Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; regrets that the Government proposals to transfer the responsibilities of providing this support to local authorities and devolved administrations contain no commitment to maintain the current level of support, which will inevitably lead to an increasein isolation and segregation for many adults and the loss of independence and unnecessary admission of many others into residential care; believes the recent consultation on the issue lacked detail and based its assertions on outdated research; and calls on the Government to review this regressive step and look at ways of expanding the Independent Living Fund to provide needs-based support to all adults in the UK who require it.

Sponsors: Clark, Katy/ Durkan, Mark / Gilmore, Sheila / McDonnell, John / Ritchie, Margaret

House of Commons / Date tabled: 29/10/2012
Put your MP to work  – demand they sign EDM 651   http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2012-13/651.

Early Day Motions are very good ways of raising issues in parliament, which may not get debated in normal sittings of parliament.

You can contact your MP for free, through: WriteToThem.Com



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  3 Responses to “EDM 651: Independent Living Fund”

  1. It is high time we stand up for disabled people. I have epilepsy I am sure dla medical will take me off the benefit. Cameron, Clegg, Osbourne have absolutely no idea what daily life is like having 3 fits a week, having to take unpaid leave at work and being on disciplinary action for time. I am supposed to use dla for living but am having to use to make up wage loss.
    If you care about disabled people stand up to ATOS, Capita.
    Good luck

  2. will ask sarah t to sign it

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