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Anoushka has contacted us and said I am hoping to write a piece for Disability Now prompted by Mark Hoban’s recent comments on the BBC in which he said that if Atos mistakenly found claimants fit to work it was not Atos’ fault, but down to the claimants not providing enough medical evidence. It was not entirely clear to me whether Hoban was blaming claimants or charities/NGOs which advise claimants or – most likely – both.  My own experience as a claimant has been very confusing – I wonder if my case was a rare example, or the norm.

If anyone who has had any of the following experiences could get in touch with her about their experiences of WCAs, DLA assessments and ATOS.

  1. Have you been told not to worry about producing any medical evidence at the assessment? Or have you had confusing or conflicting advice about this?
  2. Have you had any input in giving you advice from any charities and how was this? In particular f you have found them of little use or they have ended up being uncontactable she would like to hear from you.
  3. Did anyone have difficulty getting the medical evidence they needed.

If you are able to help with this please contact Anoushka at anoushka.alexander@yahoo.co.uk


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  6 Responses to “Request for information re-assessments”

  1. Does anyone know if you can get legal aid to cover any charges you incur from your GP when you ask for medicak evidence from them?

  2. My name is Ian. Iam disabled and suffering the same abuse others are suffering from ATOS and the DWP. The difference is, I have a law degree (but never practiced) and until I became disabled two years ago was a Manager with the Dept of Work and Pensions.

    I can understand why people are told “no need to bring medical evidence.” ATOS have made their mind up, before you even get to the assessment centre medical. This isn’t simple maladministration, the corruption here goes up even above ministers. To be honest, no matter how dedicated they were, charities would have no chance. As I warned my (C) MP last year, the disability/ATOS/CAPITA problems are a scandal greater than phone tapping or even the US Watergate affair. Let me reiterate . .this is “Corruption” not misadministration, in my opinion. I have offered my services to DPAC, if I can be of practical help to you or Anoushka, please do not hesitate to contact me via mail@dpac.uk.net


  3. It seems like spin that is just meant to deflect blame from Atos/DWP and onto us the claimants or those who advise us (eg charities).

    I’d be very grateful to hear from anyone who had help/advice from a charity with their claim form or with trying to appeal a decision. Did you find them helpful or not? Did you get conflicting or confusing advice about sending in medical evidence (or extra medical evidence if it was an appeal)? Did you get told you didn’t need to send in extra evidence?

    Please get in touch.

  4. what a load of rubbish i took all my medical evidence to so called atos medical and was told point blank by assessor he was not going to look at medical evidence nor did he have any intention of copying any of it so mark how can you make a statement like that seems like pure arrogance to me what an insult to disabed people

  5. My understanding is that medical reports etc were not ‘necessary’ – so the notion that not enough info is provided is merely another device for these people to blame the ‘victim’.

    I can only talk of my blue badge application/renewal. I completed the application form and submitted a paper outlining various issues. I was told I had provided far more material than most people. They still refused me a blue badge on the basis I had no permanent disability – – what does that make severe osteoarthritis then? I was told I could appeal using my GP or Specialist. They did not want GP or Specialist info as part of the application but did want details of their addresses!!

    The whole system is geared against disabled peopl;e and this latest argument by Hoban is spin of the highest order. What do you expect from fascist?????

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