Oct 292012
  Action in Cardiff: We intend to hold a week long vigil against Atos outside their Gabalfa offices on St. Agnes Road, this is every day starting at 8am and finishing at 6pm, from Monday the 5th of November to Friday the 9th, it’ll be quite boring, no road blocking just sitting in chairs on the pavement with placards. We need someone to print out water proof placards, and possible some leaflets, any help on this is greatly appreciated. Bring water proof clothing, brolleys, warm clothing, a blanket, and maybe a towel, cameras to take pictures and video the event, something warm to drink (coffee or tea in flasks), and your own food, bring a book to read, and some music to listen to, we need legal observers to overseer the event and someone to notify the various press agencies, TV channels, Radio stations, (BBC, ITV, Ch4, Nation Radio, BBC Radio Wales, etc). Anyone who can turn up, even for an hour, please do.

 See: https://www.facebook.com/events/430345053681756/ for more details




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  2 Responses to “Week long Vigil Outside Atos: Cardiff 5th Nov to 9th Nov”

  1. Kasbah, look forward to seeing you there, take care,

    DPAC Caerdydd.

  2. Brilliant! Yes, I will come along. There is no way of contacting DPAC Caerdydd on their website and I don’t subscribe to Facebook so if there is a way of passing this message on I would be grateful.

    Many thanks

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