Sep 012012

from livestreams of the day with Bambuser

The Closing ATOS ceremony DPAC UKUNCUT from Small Axe Films on Vimeo.

 Disability protesters clash with police
Report by Sam Datta-Paulin (ITN video)

Atos protest: Disability rights groups target firm BBC News London (video)

Channel 5 news: Atos Closing Ceremony


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  4 Responses to “News Round up : Friday 31st August The Closing Atos Ceremony”

  1. if only one person had died over the reassessments ,it would be one person too many….how can anyone who is not paralysed down one side,with no feeling down the other side,copd,diabetes,no kneecap ,twisted spine,depressed and to top it all ulcerative colitis which causes me to poo myself continually throughout the day….tell me what i can do and cannot do…..I DONT EVEN KNOW MYSELF,,,,i just struggle to get through each day….

  2. Atos cyber assessments are very flawed and nearly 12 hundred people have died through the actions of the condems and their confedrates atos!

  3. Atos Healthcare the name is wrong they don,t care about destroying peoples lives the whole company is a joke they victimize innocent people pushing them to suicide enough is enough now stop Atos and the DWP before more people die

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