Aug 262015

EasyFundraising LogoAs an easy way to make money for DPAC I signed up to  so that when people shop on-line if they go via easyfundraiser website then we get money donated to us when they shop. You can also recycle old mobiles and laptops etc and get money donated to us.

You can sign up quickly at this link and please ask others you know to do this as well.

RECRUIT SUPPORTERS – The more supporters you get, the more you’ll raise so make sure to share your unique link with all your friends, family and other supporters. It will only take them a minute to sign up and they can start using it straight away.



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  13 Responses to “help raise money for DPAC while you shop”

  1. I am dislexic and have word blindness. I had to fight doctors council workers and the government to keep my pips

  2. I am disabled. I have ehlers danlos hyper mobility type and fibromyalgia (my limbs dislocate daily- I have over 60 symptoms per day, chronic pain, exhaustion). The DWP stopped my PIP.

  3. I want to support you as a mother of an Autistic son who has been let down all the way along. And now under threat of losing his disability benefits.

  4. Please could you me is there anybody on here who has or knows of someone who as Steroid related Diabetes.

  5. I’ve just passed a small protest by dpac near Gateshead sage and really had no idea this organisation existed. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to join the protest but they have my full support as being disabled myself I’m all too aware of what this government are doing

  6. Hello, my name is Louise, I am a Labour Borough Councillor, a carer for a nine year old child and mother for two more. I live in Stafford. I want to show my support

  7. I have composed a petition in support of Jeremy Corbyn. I hope it is appropriate to post it on here. I am a member of DPAC.


    George Topping

  8. I find it hard to believe we have, as the fifth richest Country in the world, become so uncaring and cruel.Why is ther always money for wars, bombs, banks, trident,useless IT projects, ppropriate transport schemes, yet they go to extreme lengths to penalise the disabled, the poor, and the homeless. Howdy they live with themselves?

  9. I will support as I I,m disabled and the DWP are taking my mobility car off me next week and they have stopped all my moneys

  10. I can support as I am disabled but I never have extra money left
    I give my full portion of my Care funds of my DLA to my care
    And my mobility portion is used for TAPS patient transport and taxis to get me around town
    But I can offer other support the best I can

  11. Plus if you use their search engine, you generate money for DPAC just by browsing the net:

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