Aug 232012

Pay a Visit to Your Local Atos Office as part of the Atos Games, a week of action against poverty pimps Atos, the company who profit from pushing disabled people to death and despair – we are calling on members and supporters to take the protest nationally by paying a visit to your local Atos office.

How you do this is entirely up to you but there is a set of resources to download below that might be useful to ensure you get as much local publicity as possible and could give you more time to concentrate on building bigger protests.

Thanks to the local groups who have shared these with us and if you have any resources that other actions and campaigns might find useful please do send them in.

We can help promote your actions on the DPAC website to build as much support as possible so send us information that we can publish about when and where local actions are taking place.

We will also have anti-cuts and Atos kills sticker and stencil packs we can post out to you on request by emailing:

Coming soon…. Barbie shows us how to organise a demo….

Resources to download:

–  Guide to organising a local acton: How to Guide

–  Easy read ‘Planning a Campaign’ information: campaigns (DPAC)

– Template action against Atos flyer: action flyer

– Template press release:  Press Release

– Atos information 1: Atos Origin leafletfinal

– Atos information 2: DPAC ATOS

– DPAC flyer: DPAC flyer

– Flyer promoting final action on 31st August: ATOS-UkUncut-DPAC-A5-landscape2

– List of local Atos offices

– A “red peter” cut-out Atos medal: Atos gets gold DPAC aug12

Jun 152011
Claire and the police

Please do not block...

Today saw another demonstration by disability activists against Atos Origin.
The company won a £300 million contract to re asses people on benefits which activists say is no more than cuts and are forcing many hundreds of thousands of genuinely sick and disabled people off benefits altogether.
As one activist commented: Atos is a ‘professional healthcare’ company. It’s motives are profit driven and they are more concerned with the health of their bank balance than that of the claimants. The testing is a tick box system and you don’t need any medical knowledge to tick a box. The use of such a private so-called ‘healthcare’ company is being used by the Coalition to give them some sort of unwarranted credibility to justify their despicable policies of attacking those who can least defend themselves.
At one point tensions were raised when the police removed demonstrators from the entrance to the building.

Demotix Report and photos from Howard Jones

More photos from DPAC flickr

TV camera crew interviewing Adam

French TV camera crew interviewing Adam