Sep 212012

An email to DPAC yesterday

I failed in my attempt to overturn the appeal decision against me at tribunal. I was not even allowed into the tribunal to state my case. Upon arrival at the tribunal site a receptionist took my name then informed me that I didn’t need to be there and I could go straight home. Two days later a letter arrived saying I had lost. I think the decision had already been made.

This morning (20th Sept)  I found my ESA claim had been stopped on August 20th, they didn’t write and tell me, I only found out when I tried to pay my bills. I now have to start a new claim, possibly attend another WCA.

Basically I think I am just going to have to go through the whole cycle again. My only option was to apply for a crisis loan. When I listed my expenses for the next two weeks it came to just over two hundred pounds at a bare minimum, they could not include prescription costs. They suggested I commit fraud by ticking the box saying that I receive ESA when they’ve stopped it. I have no other choice as, out of my anticipated expenditure for the next fortnight, they will loan me £42.

Having read of disabled people losing claims I didn’t think I would be in the same boat as my doctor gave me a new sicknote for three months on 13/9/2012 and I have followed their procedure to the letter. My new sicknote counts for nothing. I can’t describe how pissed off that today’s rigramole has got me and I have no idea what I will do for money. Feel free to use my example for your campaign, perhaps if other claimants are forewarned that they’re gonna lose whatever they do or whatever evidence they provide and they can lie and cheat to get what they should be rightfully entitled to. I’m sorry to tell you my woes, I hope my example can be used in a positive manner for people going through this farce.

DPAC wants to send thanks for allowing us to post this on the web site. The British Library began archiving the DPAC site from 2011 so know that all on this site will stand as an historical testament of this governments actions towards disabled people and what they are doing to the lives of  millions-we will not give up fighting!

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