Feb 162013

11am at ULU, Malet Street,
London WC1E 7HY

With workshops on • welfare reforms causing poverty, debt and
homelessness • how we can oppose them • building mass resistance
• Link up and build the campaign locally and nationally

The Campaign for Benefit Justice is uniting all those opposed to
devastating benefit cuts / By linking up we can challenge the
Government’s divide and rule tactics and unite the 99% of people
hit by these cuts / Bringing together disabled people, tenants,
unemployed , trade unions, students, pensioners, single parents
and others to oppose benefit cuts.

Download summit flyer and details for how to book your place here: benefit-justice-summit_A5_4pp (2)

Dec 312011

DPAC team would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and thank you for your support. Please continue with your support in 2012.

Here is a recap of articles on disability rights issues from 2011 and we can be sure they will continue in the new year –

Miller admits PIP changeover will take £160 million away from disabled people! 

Social Model Response to loss of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) 

Scapegoats, Sinners and Political Strategies: the media and disability cuts -Debbie Jolly 

Independent Living Fund letter 



At the end of last year we sent you this video

this year we had a very full year with leading disabled people with trade union protests (Marching for the Alternative) in March 26th in London and then later 18th Sept in Birmingham and 2nd Oct in Manchester. We ve also been to many anti Atos protests and to one against the Daily Mail. We’ve participated in many conferences not least with Rights to Work People’s Convention on 12th February.

On 29th Oct, DPAC held its own first national conference.

Here is a short video slideshow of some of the events

Happy New Year to all members and supporters!


Sep 142011

At long last we have a designated shortened route for the Birmingham March against the Lib Dem Conference from the TUC.

Message from the TUC

We are very pleased to announce that we have negotiated a shortened route for the March for the Alternative in Birmingham for participants who have mobility issues.  The route takes people across Victoria Square and in front of the Birmingham Council House and rejoins the march at Colmore Row. At the beginning of the march there is also the ability for people to exit the march at the end of Berkley Street and return to the assembly point where there will be car parking available for those with disabilities.

On the map of the march route the shortcut is a red line between Hill Street and Colmore Row via Birmingham Council House.

Any other questions, please contact Gary O’Donnell at godonnell@tuc.org.uk

Disabled people who wish to be there for the static protest area designated outside the ICC please contact Gary O’Donnell  godonnell@tuc.org.uk to get a pass/badge (you need this to get there)


from the Right to Work website

We do not know of the accessibility details of the transport laid out for disabled people please check with below


Leeds – 9.30am, West Yorkshire Playhouse, http://yorklibdem2011.eventbrite.com/ 07980 316414

Leicester – Humberstone Gate, Leicester at 10 am, Contact Leicesterrtw@gmail.com or 07963703691 to book a seat.

York – 8.30am, Memorial Gardens Coach Pickup, Leeman Road, YO26 4ZF http://yorklibdem2011.eventbrite.com/ 07980 316414

After the march there is an invite from


Right to Work rally
Unite the fights, build the resistance

Sunday 18 September, 3.30pm
Hosted by Midlands Region CWU.
@ CWU Office, 47 Summer Lane,
Birmingham B19 3TH

Refreshments will be available.
Venue is 5 mins from end of demo

Speakers include:
Mark Serwotka PCS general secretary
John McDonnell MP
Billy Hayes CWU general secretary
Estelle Cooch Right To Work
Linda Burnip Disabled People Against Cuts
Maxie Hayles Black Activists Rising Against Cuts
Chair: Lee Barron
CWU Midlands regional secretary

RtW flyer for Bham march

Apr 072011

with thanks to Pete Riches

Roger Lewis (Disabled People Against Cuts) : P4058523

Roger Lewis Lambeth DPAC

Following the highly successful T.U.C. “March for the Alternative” march in London last weekend which saw over half a million Trade unionists, Public Services workers, anti-cuts campaigners, disability rights campaigners, students and many other supporters, the Right To Work Campaign held a local strategy and planning meeting in London’s Conway Hall.

Hearing first from John McDonnell MP, there followed inspirational speeches and ideas from a wide range of speakers who (though all appearing in a personal capacity) represented striking teachers, Unite Union, the campaign to save the Philosophy Dept at University of Greenwich, Mental health nurses, Camden Against Cuts, St. George’s Hospital, Queers Against the Cuts, Unison and UCU. Roger Lewis of the Lambeth Disabled People Against Cuts spoke for DPAC.

Though the media preferred to focus on the small pockets of trouble makers later on in the day the march was a huge triumph, and served not only as a massive public statement on David Cameron’s public sector cuts, but also served as a clarion call of national unity to public sector workers and rights campaigners from all over the country. Starved of proper media support, the march gave everyone their first palpable sense of how many people are being affected by the cruel cuts, and it also let everyone know that they are not alone in this.

Tonight’s public meeting was just the first in many direct action and possible strike action strategy and planning meetings for those whose very livelihoods are directly threatened by the ideologues driving Con-Dem policy.

Full set of photos are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/peteriches/sets/72157626320412651/with/5596329063/